I'm still laughing.

  Cook2 01:41 21 Nov 2004

Heard a bloke at my club talking about trying to help his mate out on the phone. His mate is a complete novice with computers.

Right, switch on. Yep, done that. Now go to Start - All Programs and My Computer and open it. Yep. Look for the program folder and open it. Yep. Can you see the program icon? Yep. Now right click. (Pause). Yep. What can you see? Eh? What happened? Nothing. Right click on it. Yep. Now what do you see? Nothing. What happened? Nothing. Maybe you should right click harder, try again. No, nothing. Can you come over? Yeh, OK.

When he arrived he noticed a piece of paper next to the computer with the words 'Click', 'Click on it' and 'Right click harder'.

What's that? he said. His mate said You said 'write click'...............

It is evidently true, but true or not it gave me a good laugh.

  end 02:21 21 Nov 2004

takes all sorts; and I"m one of "em::))

on a vaguely similar vein; was reading yesterday about a Guide Dog who kept nicking biscuits and cakes from the dining room table, unbeknowns to his owner , who quite naturally could not actually see the event; when a sighted person was caring for the dog , the dog decided to continue his "habit" and got the shock of his doggy life when he was "caught red handed" with the stuff in his mouth, a practice that he had been doing for years, "unseen"; apparently the look of shock and utter amazement on the dog"s face was a sight to behold:)

  watchful 08:50 21 Nov 2004



  jimv7 09:41 21 Nov 2004

I think an awful lot of us have at least 1 amusing story to tell, here’s 1 of mine.

On visiting a friend at his shop, who was engaged in a phone conversation with an irate customer about a newly purchased computer.

Customer: “I want to return this computer because it will not access the internet no matter what I do”

Friend: “Is the computer attempting to dial out, or giving you an error message?”

Customer: “No nothing is happening”

Friend: “Did you use the modem cable as supplied?”

Customer: “What modem cable”

Friend: “The cable that was supplied with the computer, 1 end to the computer the other end to the phone socket”

Customer: “Ok I will try that”

10 mins later customer rings again, “I still cannot access the net, plug fits the computer but not the phone point at the other end”

Friend: “Why is that?”

Customer: “The cable is not long enough“

Friend: "Where is the computer in relation to the phone point?”, you may need an extension cable.

Customer: “The computer is upstairs and the phone point is downstairs, I cannot plug the extension lead in because there is only 1 phone point, and the phone is plugged in that”

After the customer had been talked through getting and fitting a phone adaptor, all was working, the colourful language used by my friend after, was most enlightening.

  v1asco 10:37 21 Nov 2004

where a certain chappie was on the Sony helpline trying to transfer by firewire from his old laptop to his new one.

It was a long process and during one of the re-boot sequences he mentioned the built in bluetooth on his new machine didn't seem right. Sony help suggested several things, all of which had been tried.

Things were now getting frustrating as it was looking more than likely a replacement laptop would be needed, or at least servicing, as 2 functions not working.

However Sony suggested that first a new firewire lead be tried,and to call back if unsuccesful.

As for the Bluetooth, try turning the switch off then back on. The reply was 'What switch?'.
Sony had a discreet bt/wi-fi switch on the casing, not noticed by the operator! oops!

The data never did get transferred even though the lead was replaced and then returned and refunded by Dixons, yes folks - another good service from DSG.

As for the blue tooth, as soon as it was turned on it worked fine.

In my defence, it was me I confess, my main worry was transferring Data, and I had not really investigated BT fully. It was just a casual remark to fill in the silence whist waiting for things to happen.

Full marks for the Sony Man, his amusement matched my embarrasment.

Maybe one day, if my better half lets me, I'll tell you about Tesco.com.

  Nellie2 11:11 21 Nov 2004

This is a favourite site of mine when I have nothing better to do! click here

  BIG Ben strikes 10 again! 16:12 21 Nov 2004


  g0slp 16:22 21 Nov 2004

Some of the ones about salesmen are beyond belief!

  LastChip 16:30 21 Nov 2004

I could now waste a significant amount of time and it's all Nellie2's fault ;-)

Brilliant link!

  justme 17:51 21 Nov 2004

Thanks Nellie2.

If the PCA site is ever having problems again then I have somewhere else to pass the time.

  Technotiger 13:29 22 Nov 2004

Thanks Nellie2, added site to My Favourites -
I have a sister called Nellie too!

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