I'm rich (again)

  carver 16:33 09 Apr 2011

I'm so lucky. I get letters telling me that I have won the lottery, even though I haven't entered and now it appears that I can inherit nearly $10.000.000 just because I have the same surname as some one else.

It seams that some one with the same name died in main land China with out leaving a will and if I pretend to be his relative a Mr Dong Li from Wing Hang Bank will make sure the estate goes to me.

Now aren't I lucky and all I have to do is split the money with him, oh and one small thing I have to send him some money to help bribe some officials.

Now I have to keep this secrete but I don't think any of you will tell.

Now do I buy a Ferrari or a Bentley?

  lucky1 17:02 09 Apr 2011

Congratulations on your new found wealth! It's good to hear someone has hit it lucky! Will you still be sending the begging letters as normal?

  OTT_B 00:48 10 Apr 2011

Ha! You pauper, carver!

I had an email from 'Microsoft Corporation' on Friday saying that they had a cheque for £1.7bn (or there abouts) for me!.

I didn't take the time to read the email properly, instead I immediately relied to the email with my bank account details (including passwords, in case of any problems).

I'm ordering my Bugatti Veyron next week when the cheque arrives!

I'm still wondering why they need my bank details when they want to send me a cheque though. Erring on the side of caution, I also sent details of my home address to them.

  gengiscant 09:37 10 Apr 2011

I'm still waiting notification of £19.000.000 from a Nigerian lady who has had some awful bad luck recently, what with here husband being killed in a car crash and herself being struck down with terminal cancer. What with her money grabbing relatives she quite rightly wants some one of good standing to put the money towards good causes.

I too have sent the necessary details, but no doubt there is much paperwork to sort out.

Any day now though, I have no doubt.

  SimpleSimon1 10:48 10 Apr 2011


"I'm ordering my Bugatti Veyron next week when the cheque arrives!..."

You cheapskate...surely, you mean one for you and one for your significant other

  Forum Editor 11:31 10 Apr 2011

Has anyone noticed

a big reduction in the number of spam messages they're receiving at the moment?

The FBI has recently shut down a couple of the world's biggest spamming operations, and it seems to have had a big affect on the amount of spam sloshing around the internet.

  morddwyd 20:38 10 Apr 2011

Reduction on Google but not on Yahoo.

  OTT_B 20:39 10 Apr 2011


"You cheapskate...surely, you mean one for you and one for your significant other"

Nah. Got her a second hand Renault Clio this weekend instead!

  carver 20:51 10 Apr 2011


For the past a few months I have hardly had any spam at all I just put it down to a better filter system SKY had put in place.

Just getting snail mail now.

  YorkieDavid 13:38 05 May 2011

I thought these spam letters only came as e-mails, but I have just received the same offer in a typed letter, posted in London with a second class stamp. If he can afford stamps and stationary fraud must be more profitable than I thought!

  rioandthelma 20:44 03 Jun 2011

Sorry, Carver, Mr Dong Li has been very busy and has promised me half of $9.8m as a "relation" of mine has died in China. In his letter he says "in banking circles this happens all the time". I suppose he is right about those in banking circles are crooks.

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