I'm a proud Dad (again) ....

  Clapton is God 16:19 03 Aug 2011

... and I don't care who knows!

My younger daughter has just achieved a BSc 2:1 in Sociology and I'm absolutely overcome with fatherly pride.

And I posted a similar thread 3 years again when elder daughter also achieved a 2:1. ;-))

  onthelimit1 17:47 03 Aug 2011

Me too - thought you might be a tad past it, though!

  Aitchbee 17:58 03 Aug 2011

I am not a Dad ..my best friend Brian is ( he's got 2 grown-up daughters) one is a teacher, the other is finishing university with top marks ..so I can feel your elation. Clapton is God...great news.HB

  morddwyd 20:36 03 Aug 2011


  onthelimit1 22:27 03 Aug 2011

ams4127 'simple riggers' were the guys that kept my aircraft flyable under very difficult circumstances at times!

  Brumas 22:28 03 Aug 2011

Well done indeed!

  Forum Editor 23:02 03 Aug 2011

Overcome with pride? I know that feeling well - my congratulations to your daughter; I wish her well with whatever she decides to do in the future.

  Clapton is God 08:55 04 Aug 2011

And one of the other advantages of this is that Mrs Clapton is God and I can now start spending our hard-earned on ourselves again rather than having to continually dump it into the seemingly bottomless pit which is the expense of putting your offspring through Higher Education.

But, don;t get me wrong, I wouldn't have it any other way. ;-))

  morddwyd 09:04 04 Aug 2011

"I was just a simple rigger"

An opinion I oft expressed.

How I wish I was still in a position to pin that up the the crew room!

  flycatcher1 10:04 05 Aug 2011

ams4127 and morddwyd.

Not me Chief, I'm Radar.

  flycatcher1 19:11 05 Aug 2011

ams4127 Your children got their brains from You. The difference in life is that these days there are opportunities, your children grasped the opportunities and made good use of them supported by you.

In 1924 my Father applied to join the RAF, two vacancies, one hundred applicants. He was lucky and became a "Stores Basher" he told me that I was very lucky that my Father had not been a Cook. He only did 24 years so I was able to call him National Service. He would have been very proud of the achievements of his family especially as one Grandson is a Phd and has not even got a degree.

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