I'm Praying For A Peaceful Resolution

  babybell 10:42 01 Feb 2010

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has said "a solution is possible and within reach ahead of a fresh round of talks aimed at reuniting Cyprus.

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Visited Cyprus last year for the first time and fell in love with the country, but I couldnt helped but be moved by the sad state of affairs it finds itself in with the rift with Turkey.

Really, really hope that one day I can take my kids to Famagusta, but actually walk around it, rather than look at it through a telescope 5 miles away!

  Clapton is God 16:50 01 Feb 2010

"Really, really hope that one day I can take my kids to Famagusta"

There's nothing to stop you doing that tomorrow.

There are plenty of direct flights from the UK to Northern Cyprus

  Al94 17:08 01 Feb 2010

She is referring to the suburb of Famagusta, Varosha click here

  peter99co 17:13 01 Feb 2010

I had a friend visit Turkey on holiday and she said it she could not visit Cyprus now because her passport shows this visit. Is this true or myth?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:59 01 Feb 2010

Cyprus / Turkey = Myth

However try getting into Lebanon / Israel if your passport shows the other :0)

  Forum Editor 18:15 01 Feb 2010

say that people have had enough after 36 years of living on a divided island, and they say that they are determined to find a resolution of their communal problem before the end of the year.

Any agreed solution will have to receive the consent of the people in both communities, and that means a referendum in both parts of the island simultaneously. That's where it could all break down, of course, as it did in 2004 when a UN proposal was rejected by Greek Cypriots.

Getting the two populations to agree about this is like finding a 50p coin on a beach - not impossible, but extremely difficult. The UN will encourage the process, and with luck it will succeed.

  babybell 18:16 01 Feb 2010

If a passport shows you entered Cyprus from the north then you are not allowed across the border to visit the south as they deemed you have entered the country via an illegal port. If you arrive via the south, you can go North, but they don't stamp your passport, they just stamp a piece of paper that you hand back on your return.

If you have visited the actual country of Turkey, then you can still go to Cyprus.

  Bapou 18:41 01 Feb 2010

One subject is a big bone of contention, ownership of property. Very much so in Northern Cyprus where British ex pats bought homes and property previously owned by Greek Cypriots.

We have not been to Cyprus for a couple of years now although when there this subject was in the news. Those Greek Cypriots were coming forward with their deeds to properties as relations between the two governments were more friendly.

Those British couples involved will be in some real bother if agreement is fully reached.

  morddwyd 20:09 01 Feb 2010

The Turkish invasion, and subsequent partitioning, of the sovereign state of Cyprus was, and still is, an outrage which the UN has totally failed to address.

The only reason talks are taking place at this juncture is so that we may welcome Turkey into the EU (for yet another wave of cheap labour, and that is not a dig at anybody or any race, just an EU fact of life).

  the hick 22:10 01 Feb 2010

Bapou, '..previously owned by Greek Cypriots..', and I have also read that in the south, Paphos and Larnaca airports are on land owned by Turkish Cypriots. Could make things difficult! I visited Cyprus last year for first time, and I thought much of it a bit of a mess, unfinished buildings, poor roads, litter, etc, and expensive due to low pound against euro. Good weather much of the time though! Kerp meaning to read more on its history, it's rather involved I believe.

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