I'm not surprised.........

  Forum Editor 18:48 07 Oct 2004

the writing has been on the wall for some time. The fact remains that the music industry does itself no favours by suing its potential customers. I know that I've been vociferous about illegal downloaders in the past, and I still advocate abiding by the law, but............

If I was a senior music industry figure I would be looking for a way to relate to my market instead of alienating it. I know that these court actions will only be against 'serious' uploaders - those people who are deliberately and systematically flouting the law in a big way - but the publicity will do the industry no good at all. If they think that illegal downloading will go away because the sue a few people they must think again.

Sooner or later the music publishers will wake up and realise that there's been a revolution. The way that the music-listening public perceives the industry has changed forever, there's no going back, and sideways isn't going to work - only one way to go then, and that's inevitably going to mean cheaper music. The industry can avoid facing the truth for a while if they like, but there's a nettle to be grasped, and in their position I would be grasping - plenty of money can still be made by all concerned, the internet reaches out to a vast audience.

I'm available to the IFPI for consultation at very reasonable rates, but I'm not holding my breath.

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