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I'm not entirely sure what to say

  Belatucadrus 11:59 13 Sep 2019

Other than this may be the most fatuous comment from a serving general in History.

The Army could phase out petrol and diesel vehicles in a bid to attract ecofriendly recruits, the Chief of the General Staff has said.

I still think the armed forces would have a better chance of attracting new recruits if they didn't appear to have a default position of supporting legal claims against British military personnel, but what do I know.

I'm just waiting for the first occasion when the army has to go back to parliament and declines to deploy to Afghanistan or wherever as there's no suitable recharging network for their new electric tanks.

  Belatucadrus 12:00 13 Sep 2019

Forgot the link, sorry.

Click Here

  Menzie 13:02 13 Sep 2019

It's been done.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:00 13 Sep 2019

Solar power tanks - 2 mile range and one shot per charge :0) Plug in electric tanks as above.

All you need is to lug around a good old diesel generator :0) :0) :0)

  Belatucadrus 14:31 13 Sep 2019

Maybe over a century after its creation the Simms armoured quadricycle has finally come of age ?

  Menzie 17:04 13 Sep 2019

I would not fancy my chances going into battle on one of those.

  Forum Editor 09:39 15 Sep 2019

I'm quite sure that electrically-powered military vehicles will happen, and when they do they will bring considerable logistical advantages.

One good generator charging multiple electrical vehicles would seem to make good sense. The technology is being developed now, and it will happen - the General isn't wrong about that.

I'm not so sure that attracting eco-friendly recruits should be a major priority right now though - an army wants fighters first and foremost, regardless of their green credentials.

In 25 years time all recruits will be eco-friendly anyway - society will have changed beyond recognition in that respect.

  Belatucadrus 10:10 15 Sep 2019

Artillery regiment to test all new eco friendly weapon system, made from ethically sourced renewable materials and guaranteed no nasty climate threatening explody stuff.

  canarieslover 18:26 19 Sep 2019

FE - One hit on the generator and you have a disabled squadron of tanks. Changes the focus of the enemy for sure.

  Forum Editor 22:39 19 Sep 2019


Battlefield tanks are probably going to be but a distant memory soon anyway - one person carrying a shoulder launcher can knock out a tank. Modern warfare can be far better conducted by drones, which are much cheaper and more rapidly deployed.

Nevertheless, electrically-powered military vehicles are just around the corner. The MOD has said it will have a prototype electrically powered combat vehicle within three years.

Modern battery technology is the key - the US Army is also developing battery-powered battlefield vehicles. Military chiefs believe that the tactical advantages of having virtually silent motors that can deliver large amounts of torque immediately can be a battlefield game changer. An armoured vehicle that can sit there quietly and suddenly accelerate rapidly from a standing start would be quite something.

  Quickbeam 06:58 20 Sep 2019

"An armoured vehicle that can sit there quietly and suddenly accelerate rapidly from a standing start would be quite something."

Tanks have come a long way from the MK IVs first deployed 100 years ago. A book that I read on tank history, probably 50 year ago (now I realise I've become old!), how on the first deployment in the dark of the early hours there was a monumental roar and mechanical trundling as dozens of tanks headed towards the German lines following white tapes that engineers had laid down previously for the drivers to follow in the dark. Flares lite up the sky as the Germans realised that something was happening and opened up with massive machine gun fire, but it was not stopping the advance and caused a great panic in the German trenches.

Meanwhile inside the tanks, the crews were in a deafening and suffocating atmosphere caused by the engine sitting openly in the centre of the tank. The crew was thrown about roughly all over the place as it crawled over and dropped suddenly on obstacles, and they were splattered with particles of the armour plate flaking off on the inside as bullets splattered the outside.

It's amazing what you can vividly remember reading so long ago. The book would have been my dads schoolboy prewar history of the Great War and full of tales of great British pluck much like the Commando comics that I read in the '60s!

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