I'm more than mildly irritated, water dripping thr

  lotvic 17:46 04 Apr 2010

through ceiling

Am waiting for BG engineer on Easter Sunday
It's from central heating filter in loft and have just about used up all the towels.
Worry is the electrics in loft.. :(
At least I have no bill to worry about as got 'Home Serve'

  lotvic 18:36 04 Apr 2010

Plumber just rang - be here in 10 mins he said
fingers crossed and bucket emptied :@

  peter99co 19:19 04 Apr 2010

A Doctor called out the Emergency Plumber to a blocked loo late at night. The plumber put a couple of Aspirin in the bowl and said "This should help. Give me a ring in the morning"

  Quickbeam 19:39 04 Apr 2010

Another one to ring is your insurers, if you tell them that you have an ongoing leak, they will get someone out within an hour as a prompt water repair will save them an awful lot more than an emergency plumber costs them.

  spuds 19:59 04 Apr 2010

Didn't happen to me when we had a burst water tank in the loft. 'Emergency' plumber was sent out, which took a little over an hour to arrive, then informed one hour labour limit with £250.00 maximum charge per incident.

Due to it being early in the morning (3am), the plumber checked that the supply was off, and away he went. I had to arrange for 'proper' plumber later in the day, but the insurance company did provide a clean-up and carpet drying episode.

I was not an happy bunny that day :O((

  Quickbeam 20:51 04 Apr 2010

Time to change insurers...

  rdave13 21:05 04 Apr 2010

Any updates? Hope it's fixed.

peter99co; the aspirin joke made me laugh. Sorry lotvic.

  lotvic 21:42 04 Apr 2010

Well, I'm just taking a coffee break so here's the update.

'BGas engineer' arrived at 18:44 and he:
Put the sodden towels into the bowl that was catching leak
Fitted a brand new Magnaclean filter
Switched heating and water on full (30 degrees on wallstat)
Had a mug of tea whilst doing paperwork
He assured me the loft would dry out by itself (Hmmmm, methinks soggy loft insulation will need some help)
Left at 19:20

There is no bill to pay as it is covered with garauntee and HomeServe

After he left:
Hall rad wouldn't heat up at all
Bathroom rad that is on the Hot Water cylinder circuit wouldn't get hot

Several Bleeds later.... I have turned off the ok rads and just have one on at once to get the air out. Have to wait while pump stops after switching off before I can bleed air out. (Doing each in turn as rads are all 'drop down'- each one comes down from loft which means air can get trapped in every one of them)

I still haven't got all the air out of system but am working on it am on last rad, just waiting for it to cool enough to bleed air safely
Loft hatch is still open and I really do not want to go up there - hence the coffee break

I am so glad I had my Easter egg this morning.

  lotvic 21:45 04 Apr 2010

typo, guarantee
before you start on me, I've had a hard night :@

  rdave13 21:56 04 Apr 2010

Apology again at getting a bit of a laugh. Sometimes not quite appropriate but will be better in the morning.
Once all rads bleeded and loft checked you'll feel better.

  lotvic 22:06 04 Apr 2010

Don't be sorry, it made me laugh and I needed cheering up, so thanks :))
and the aspirin is kicking in now so I'll go up and sort mess out for tonight.
At least the water has stopped dripping through the ceiling now.
Grateful for small mercies...

Am turning rads on one by one and so far there's been no gurgling noises, fingers crossed.

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