I'm Going to get Sky TV...

  Kev.Ifty 00:40 29 May 2008

Ive signed up for Sky TV. :-( "Free" Broadband included

They are coming to install it on Sunday.(01.06.08)

What problems should I expect, what do I need to do, apart from MAC Code, to change from Orange to Sky?

Any tips or advice welcomed.


  Forum Editor 00:53 29 May 2008

Do you mean with regard to TV or broadband, or both?

There shouldn't be any problems with TV - you'll just have access to more channels via a satellite dish on the wall of your house and a Sky box inside. The best thing about Sky is SkyPlus, and I hope you've gone for that. My wife reckons a SkyPlus box is the single best technology item in our house, and I must admit it's seriously convenient.

As far as broadband goes I can't comment - I don't have any personal experience of the Sky service. You'll obviously need to get your MAC from your current provider, and ensure that you terminate your contract correctly. There may be a crossover period when you don't have a service at all.

  Forum Editor 00:54 29 May 2008

that I'm going to move your thread from Speakers Corner to Consumerwatch.

  ulrich 19:00 29 May 2008

There is nothing to watch on any TV.

  charmingman 19:26 29 May 2008


We had skyabout two years ago,Everything was great the first 3/4 months,we paid the £20 per month then they realy made me angry by trying to take out £79 !!
I called them & asked what it was & i got a very confused man saying "Errr oook let me put you on hold for a minute" Tick Tock Tick Tock 2 mins later " Err yeah Mr ******** its a Adminastration charge" OH is thats so i said then whats it for & why wasnt i informed cause i didnt have the money in my account so my bank has ALSO charged me £35 so this is over £100 & i am not amused, he replied "err the only thing i can suggest you do is call tomorrow morning" i did just that & got told again it was a setup fee/admin charge & they was sorry i wasnt made aware i replied "Well i am sorry too as you can cancel my sky & youll never get another penny out of me" they tried again & again to get the money for each month from my account & they sent me loadsa letters some was very intresting stating they are going to send bailiffs around...this went on for months then it all stopped...ive heard of a similar issue with friends/family..& on the net...there not very liked..wonder if my Murdock knows about his company doing this..?

  paul€ 20:30 29 May 2008

Check your bank statements with care.

Like charmingman they took an extra charge out of my account but fortunatley there was enough money in the account so I encountered no charges.

I rang sky and after eventually been told it was an accounting mistake, it took a dozen phone calls for the money to be credited back into my account. They appologised, just because I cancelled the contract and then gave me three months of the top selection free.

A week before the three months were up I cancelled my direct debit.

  charmingman 21:58 29 May 2008

As "Midgetninja" also stated we got sick of the saturation of adverts every 5-10 mins it becomes somewhat frustrating when you just get sat down & get into a film or documentry when BANG adverts then you just get back into it then BANG there back again...they make tens of millions from there monthly fee's & whilst i can more than appreciate they will also make multiple amounts of millions from advertisements they should also take into consideration most people have sky to watch programs & films NOT ADVERTS!!!

  tullie 22:41 29 May 2008

Its no worse for ads than itv.You wont be able to get sky broadband until you supply them with a mac code.

  raeman 23:01 29 May 2008

With regards to SKY broadband i've had it since September and apart from some initial problems the service has been reliable with good download speeds throughout the day with no real slowdown at busy times. The support for broadband is not great so hopefully you have some knowledge yourself and encounter no probs. Disconnections were a problem for a while with some people on broadband but that seems to have been resolved with the new routers or a firmware upgrade to the old routers. SKY+ is great just record your favourite programmes and fast forward all the adverts.Fortunately if you like football they haven't quite dared to put ads during the game.

  Kev.Ifty 00:11 30 May 2008

Many thanks everyone for your replies.

I have never been a fan of the Murdoch empire and have resisted getting Sky because of my distrust of the whole, world domination, have to own and control everything attitude. Which I am sure is all in my mind!! :-)

Anyway. Thanks for replies, I shall let you know if there is a problem.

I shall be coming to you for help.

Cheers Kev

  K_elt 13:52 30 May 2008

Just to add, there is a forum for all things Sky at click here where you can get specific advice and information on Sky products and services.

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