I'm going to be on the move

  Forum Editor 10:14 10 Sep 2017

from Monday morning until Friday evening.

This just to let you know that I'll be looking into the forum on a regular basis, but may not respond to or act upon emails as promptly as usual.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:37 10 Sep 2017

5 days - that's a lot of moving :0)

Enjoy your trip.

  Forum Editor 11:12 10 Sep 2017

It does involve quite a bit of moving. I'm used to it.

  Brumas 12:31 10 Sep 2017

Forum Editor, you are always swanning off, it's about time you sent the forum an e-postcard ;o}}

  Forum Editor 13:11 10 Sep 2017


I don't swan off as often as I used to. I've grown tired of the flying, to be honest.

  Brumas 13:31 10 Sep 2017

Forum Editor, fair enough, we'll let you off the e-card seeing as you are doing it under sufferance ;o}

  Old Deuteronomy 20:13 10 Sep 2017

Forum Editor, fed up with paying for two seats so you can have your Zimmer next you?

  Forum Editor 22:45 10 Sep 2017

Old Deuteronomy

Bono of U2 once paid £1500 to have his hat flown over to Italy on a BA flight, after he had forgotten to bring it with him. The hat travelled on the flight-deck, so there wouldn't be a risk of it getting squashed by anyone en-route.

What's the betting that the flight-deck crew all tried it on and took each other's photo?

I once flew business class to Hong Kong with a medical insurance doctor and her aged Chinese patient. They had a seat each, and her medical monitoring equipment had its own seat. Her job was to get her patient there alive and hand him over to a hospital. It was a tense flight for her, and for me. the patient slept all the way.

  Menzie 01:23 11 Sep 2017

Have a good trip.

Flying these days is no treat and must get quite tiresome if done often.

Hopefully you are going somewhere lovely.

  morddwyd 20:02 11 Sep 2017

I've grown tired of the flying, to be honest.


I seem to recall that you freelance and are presumably on expenses.

Just as a matter of interest do/did you fly business or economy?

  john bunyan 20:22 11 Sep 2017


Good luck with your trip. If not too confidential, can you share roughly where? I retired from my civilian job over 15 years ago and for quite a few years prior went to many places - some good (I like Far East) and some dodgy. In one place my company provided armed guards at the foot of the disembark steps! I suspect the "hassle" of security makes travel these days more of a chore than a pleasure. Bon Voyage!

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