I'm fast turning into a Chrome fan,

  Forum Editor 18:10 10 Sep 2008

which surprises me somewhat - I've been a diehard Internet Explorer user since way back when the browser wars of antiquity raged. In those days things (like life) were simpler, you either used IE or you used Netscape. Netscape had intergrated email, but it fell over its own feet in the headlong rush to produce ever more new versions, and something had to give. Financial muscle and bundling with Windows meant that Microsoft was always going to win, but like many people I missed the Netscape versus IE arguments.

Now we have a new kid on the block every five minutes, and I doubt that we've seen the real might of Google at work in Chrome just yet - there'll be more to come, once the current beta has been around the block a few times.

Meanwhile, it's good to have plenty of choice, and of course there can only be one real winner in the end.

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