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  Macscouse 22:29 30 Jan 2013

Up here in the North of Scotland, snowdrops are popping out everywhere in my garden, and the crocuses (crocii?) are not far behind. What's the betting that there will be snow on the Cairgorm in June?

  Forum Editor 13:17 31 Jan 2013

"Usually it is people eating the bulbs thinking they are onions."

On that note, I once made a huge fool of myself in a posh Thailand hotel. I had dined in the restaurant - beautiful food - with my wife, and as we walked back out into the vast hotel lobby I noticed, by the entrance to the restaurant a small table, on which was a big bowl piled high with choice Macadamia nuts, a particular favourite of mine. Being a greedy pig I grabbed a handful of the nuts and stuffed them into my mouth, chomping greedily.

You've guessed it, they weren't nuts but big, juicy, industrial strength peeled garlic cloves. The lobby was crowded with sophisticated people, and there I was, with my mouth on fire, unable to do anything but run for the ornamental fish fountain and give the exotic fish a garlic meal.

My wife made for the lift, not wanting to be associated with the man that everyone was staring at.

  john bunyan 17:29 31 Jan 2013

fourm member

I worked in The Netherlands for 10 years 1987 - 1997. A Dutch colleague lived as a teenager just outside the Hague during the war, and told me many stories, including the tulip one. He hated the Germans, - on one occasion his village postie, who was deaf, failed to stop his bike when a German soldier shouted to halt (at his back). The soldier shot the old boy dead. My friend was very grateful to the RAF for dropping food soon after the Germans left.

  john bunyan 18:37 31 Jan 2013

fourm member

"Scientists have learned a lot about the long-term effects of hunger by studying the Dutch. "

Yes but things can go too far; Dr Mengele studied hunger and hypothermia, among other things , in the Nazi concentration camps - I think that situation was so horrific that any "upside" is simply unacceptable.

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