I'm broke/skint/moneyless...

  Bingalau 21:20 09 Apr 2010

Anybody know the winner of tomorrow's Grand National? Only joking but wonder if anbody has any good tips?

  Brumas 21:23 09 Apr 2010

Aye, don't bet on the gee-gees - you never see a poor/broke/skint/moneyless bookie ;o)

  john bunyan 21:27 09 Apr 2010

Good tip : Always warm the pot before making tea.

  Bingalau 21:34 09 Apr 2010

As a matter of fact I have never made a bet in my life, but I usually pick out a horse in the local shop's sweep stake. My tip is usually, always look both ways before you cross the road. Even in a one way street... I guess that makes me a pessimist, or as my wife used to say "A pessimistic character with a crab apple face"

  Forum Editor 22:13 09 Apr 2010

not even in jest.

  DieSse 23:12 09 Apr 2010

" ...anbody has any good tips?"

I predict a horse will win it - probably with a male rider.

  carver 23:31 09 Apr 2010

Sorry but no sexist comments please, you should have said it may be a horse of unspecified gender, with a rider who may be either male or female or a combination of the two.

  lotvic 23:35 09 Apr 2010

Always use your free bus pass and chuckle to yourself when the schoolkids have to pay.

I think we got the best deal there as when I was at school I had a free bus pass - and now I've got another one :D

  tullie 04:56 10 Apr 2010

Me too,problem is,there arent any buses.

  Kevscar1 07:18 10 Apr 2010

I can say with a 100% degree of accuracy that it will be the first one past the post.

  wiz-king 08:13 10 Apr 2010

Not if a riderless horse crosses the line first.

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