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I'm angry about Ageism ~ Why 70

  wee eddie 14:12 15 Mar 2020

I'm 75 on my next birthday. I swim every day, I do Yoga, most every day. I cycle into town and walk to the local Supermarket.

OK, I no longer play Rugby or run Marathons. Many of my peers are similarly active.

Maybe they should they should isolate all "lardasses". Oh, OK, they never get up from in front of their TVs anyway. No problem

  mikef. 14:51 15 Mar 2020

Statistically you are at higher risk, that's why over 70's

  Quickbeam 14:51 15 Mar 2020


A 70+ year old is more healthy than a 40 year old slob, so I'd say that the slob would be at greater risk there...

  BRYNIT 15:01 15 Mar 2020

Wee eddie

Do you have a link to this so called Ageism. I can't find anywhere saying you should isolate if you are over 70 I can only find "Coronavirus LIVE updates as over-70s in UK to be asked to self isolate for up to four months" this is a suggesting as most 70+ are not as active as you and would likely be more susceptible to the Coronavirus.

  canarieslover 15:20 15 Mar 2020

Wee eddie
Three score and ten is the allotted life, according to the bible, so, like me, you are into overtime. I used to get an enhanced rate for overtime when I was at work but unfortunately that doesn't apply in retirement.

  wee eddie 15:41 15 Mar 2020

mike: Statistically you are at higher risk, that's why over 70's

No it's not, it's just because some Suited 28yo Wiz Kid decided that that was where he (it's most frequently a "he") would put the mark on his graph. He hasn't a scoobie

Lies, damn lies and Statistics!

  john bunyan 16:01 15 Mar 2020

Here is some input:

Sky News

A similar thing applies to driving; at 83 I hope to complete a IAM driving course shortly and believe that after a long lifetime of driving in many countries I am more competent than many teen and twenty somethings.

Statistics ( lies?) may well say otherwise however. Impossible to hire a campervan for example.

  geoff96 16:05 15 Mar 2020

We're all going to die.....

  geoff96 16:08 15 Mar 2020


I don't intend doing it locked away. I shall enjoy ever day. At present enjoying a day in York with my children the off to the pub for food and drink.


  MPN1A 18:48 15 Mar 2020

I heard the Scottish health minister on R4 at lunch-time disagreeing with Hammond and saying that Scotland has no intention of isolating over-seventies. I think that Hammond and his advisers are reacting to the accusations that they aren't doing enough.

  Quickbeam 19:08 15 Mar 2020

Belatucadrus, That's not very PC!

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