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IL/TP - Christmas Greetings - am I too early?

  Brumas 14:49 10 Dec 2019

Good Afternoon All

Although I no longer do IL/TP I still dip into Fran’s postcards, out of habit I suppose and couldn’t resist sharing this one with you.

You know the feeling when you are busting for a hit’n’miss and circumstances conspire against you being able to actually do one!

By the expression on his face it looks like Santa could wait no longer - what a relief ;o}

Anyway, a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year to everyone from Fran & I.

P.S. Gay in those days actually meant happy and excited ;o}

  Forum Editor 12:29 29 Dec 2019

john bunyan

I can vividly recall my Welsh grandfather patiently teaching me how to say Merry Christmas in Welsh when I was about four years old.

Move the clock on, and six years later I was attending a Welsh school where hardly any English was spoken. I rapidly lost the ability to speak the language, once I left Wales a couple of years later and nowadays I could hardly string a sentence together in Welsh, although I can just about follow the gist of a conversation between two welsh speakers.

  Menzie 14:21 30 Dec 2019

And just like that it's over; I haven't taken the tree and decorations down as yet.

Everything goes into a storage unit until the following year. Currently there's an icy rain warning. Thankfully no work today so I don't have to be on the roads.

  morddwyd 09:03 01 Jan 2020

Happy New Year everybody.

  Forum Editor 09:53 01 Jan 2020

And a happy New Year to everyone here.

Let's hope for some peace and harmony, both at home and abroad. The world faces a common problem with climate change, and it's time we all realise that we have to take some major decisions about how we deal with it.

  john bunyan 10:34 01 Jan 2020


And so say all of us.

  Menzie 10:51 01 Jan 2020

The world faces a common problem with climate change, and it's time we all realise that we have to take some major decisions about how we deal with it.

Everybody buy one of these?

It's called a Dodge Challenger Hellcat which features a gas-guzzling supercharged 6.2L engine. Over here the Police force use a smaller Dodge model called the Charger which features a 3.6L V6. I know that engines are a lot more efficient than in the past but these are still so excessive. One thing I enjoy about the winter is that all the noisy sport cars are put away in garages. The summer is a torrent of noise from loud exhausts. Happy New Year everyone!

  x13 11:28 01 Jan 2020

Looking forward to my NY's dinner with my first small glass of wine since my illness at the end of June. Happy and a Prosperous New Year to all!!

  Brumas 21:33 01 Jan 2020

I'll close with this rather odd New Year Card and wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful 2020

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