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Illuminated Keyboard

  ajm 21:30 21 Oct 2009

If only it was wireless and bundled with a wireless here

  Forum Editor 23:03 22 Oct 2009

I justified the price by telling myself that I needed a keyboard that would stand up to a great deal of use. That was all a big excuse of course - really I just liked the look of the thing.

In truth it has been a huge success, it performs beautifully, and the build quality has to be seen to be believed. For a shade under £140 you expect a good keyboard of course, and the Di Novo Edge doesn't disappoint. I'll use it until it begs for mercy, and then I'll buy another one.

  ajm 23:57 22 Oct 2009

You can get these from around £90.00. click here

Like I said before, I have bought a few of these Logitech DiNovo Edge keyboards for a few of my clients for whom money isnt a big issue and I fell in love with these keyboards.

But for me, it would not be a practical purchase as its lacking a number pad - I do a lot of number crunching.

  exdragon 07:58 23 Oct 2009

You could always use it until it's *almost* at begging point, then pass it on to me...

Ah - luckily ajm pointed out the lack of a number pad. Phew, that was a near thing, it's ok now, I'll stick with what I have...for now!

  ajm 19:43 28 Oct 2009

Dont blame me. The fault is m800afc's.

Joking aside, I have never used or seen a saitek keyboard before so unable to compare between logitech and Microsoft.

  Quickbeam 11:09 29 Oct 2009

click here I think this was already posted once before, but it's still worth considering and spending the money saved in a sweet shop instead...

  sunnystaines 17:49 29 Oct 2009

some nice keyboards posted, i recently got a new keyboard first black a one microsoft 6000, in the evenings hard to see the keys, that logitec looks good but how do you explain to the wife you spent £100 plus on just a keyboard.

  Forum Editor 23:38 29 Oct 2009

you spent £100 plus on just a keyboard."

You show her this:-

click here

  sunnystaines 09:52 30 Oct 2009


good point i'll remember that one.

  Toneman 10:09 30 Oct 2009

You must all have money to burn... they don't really do any more than a £5 one from Tesco...

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