Illegal meat sold in Hackney

  finerty 18:31 17 Sep 2012

Illegal Meat

You may find this abit disturbing, Rats are being sold for consumer consumption, and other illegal meats that are banned. Also meat where the skin is blow torched on to the carcass itself a practice that is banned in Europe.

  wiz-king 19:13 17 Sep 2012

Are you buying? Food production is not pretty - one man's meat is another man's poison as the saying goes.

You should see the way vegetables are torn out of the ground and beheaded.

  interzone55 19:44 17 Sep 2012

If this meat was being misrepresented then maybe there'd be an outcry, but as it is, the meat is being openly sold to people who buy it in their native countries.

Which is probably the reason why Hackney council have taken no action, as otherwise it'll just be taken underground...

  morddwyd 20:01 17 Sep 2012

American tree rats are openly and legally on sale in many restaurants.

We call them Grey Squirrels.

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