illegal downloading

  bert52a 16:17 06 Mar 2005

I've just found the threads on this topic and it looks like the topic has been closed but I think thisis such an important topic I wantto join in.

First I find the claims of the P2p sites most guilty.They use terms like "100% legal" and on the same page show long lists of all the media obviously commercial and copyrighted that you can download.Has anybody ever downloaded any files legally?Why would you need P2P networks if the software was copyright free?All freeware is easily available from reputable sites most of the time spyware and Adware free.
How can these quasi legal sites get approval from the credit card companies?If they approve of downloading illegally maybe the credit card companies should also be prosecuted.
I don't know a lot about linux and other non windows sofware but they seem to have an amazing abundance of highly useful sofware e.g. OpenOffice
- a superb package.I've discovered all sorts of other software that's free and you don't need to go anywhere near P2p.
What I would like to see is a major Press release from government sources to provide the public with accurate information, possibly including warnings of a commencement date for prosecutions.At the same time it should introduce a fee-similar to that paid to the BBC which entitles people to make their own recordings of anything they can find.This way they could raise large amounts of revenue to benefit the whole industry from the studio cleaner to the impoverished artist.Obviously some people would dodge their payments just as they do with tv licences but because most people would pay you'd raise enough income and you'd be giving people a means of staying legal.I believe the majority of people do want to stay legal and will do so given the right incentive.

  stalion 16:23 06 Mar 2005

this is covered in the post below called, downloaded any good music lately, would suggest you tick this post and transfer your thread to it
the post is still open. Regards

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