illegal downloading

  herc182 18:55 12 Dec 2004

If there is such a hype about people using programs such as bearshare, winmx, kazaaa (to name but a few) then why is it not a case of suing the makers?

furthermore, torrent files. although it is near impossible to detect whos doing what (as you download striaght from someone elses computer and not a dedicated server), why can the ISP's take action (or inform those appropriate) that people are downloading huge quantities? eg if someone is using 60gb+ every month then it doesnt take a genius to know something is up! they must have a record of all websites visited?

I am a little annoyed that you hear all of the money lost to illegal downloading yet nothing seems to be done. it is possible to stop it surely?

  Forum Editor 00:57 13 Dec 2004

that anyone would say "...........not once have i deprived anybody of revenue! Most of the music i have downloaded i already have on CD (which i purchased) but cant be bothered to sort through the 500 plus disc's which i own to play an individual track."

Trying to justify an illegal activity in that way just isn't on, and there's more:-

"Downloading should not be illegal. What is the problem"

The problem (for what seems the millionth time)is that people have worked hard to write, perform, record, mix, package,reproduce, distribute and retail the music, and they all have a living (and in some cases a perfectly legitimate profit) to make. The people who own the copyright have a legal right to a fee each time someone copies or distributes it. By downloading and not paying, you are depriving those people of a part of their livelyhood - it's theft, in just the same way as taking a loaf of bread from a shop is theft.

We can debate the finer points of the music industry's marketing policy shortcomings until the cows come home, and I'll probably agree with you on many issues, but don't come here and tell me that you are doing nothing wrong when you download music for nothing, because you are. The fact that you may already have the CD in question and are just too lazy to find it makes things worse.

  kev.Ifty 02:14 13 Dec 2004

I am not trying to justify an 'illegal' activity, mainly because i have no participation in any illegal activity.

I have on my PC's Hard drive 53 music tracks all of which are mp3. Now there are 7 of those tracks which i have not gone into a record shop and spent money on a CD and purchased a DISC containing that music. Where there is a very grey area is the difference between downloading and streaming.

Here's a thing.... If i use BearShare to listen to the latest U2 single, I'm a criminal but if i listen to it via click here I'm abiding by the law.. I think....

I am confused! Please tell me at what point i am breaking the Law.?

Is using BearShare illegal? I would like to distribute BearShare software among my friends. Is sharing the software illegal?

Maybe if i just provided a link where my Friends could download the software, would this contravene the law of the UK?

Is it illegal to provide links?

I would hate to think i am breaking the law!


  [DELETED] 04:02 13 Dec 2004

The difference between Bear Search, and Listening to music Via MTV.

MTV pay a licance fee to broardcast the music, probably to click here in the UK, and in other countries to who-ever is responsible for collecting revenue. MTV's site carries advertising, and that is where they get the money to pay the licence fee.

Bear search provide a means to the music, but do not pay for it, nor does the person who downloads it, nor the person who uploads it.

  [DELETED] 15:12 13 Dec 2004

18,594 shows (785 artists)
click here

all free to download - all legal - suit all and every taste in music - ;)

  Forum Editor 18:30 13 Dec 2004

Time to get a few facts straight I think:-

1. There's a wealth of difference between listening to a music track online and downloading it via a P2P server. The MTV tracks are streamed because the copyright holders have agreed to it. MTV have paid a fee for the release. If you use a P2P file server to download a track from another user, and that file is copyright protected you are breaking the law. Does that help you to understand?

2. Just because you bought a CD it doesn't mean that you may go ahead and download the same tracks via a P2P network. When you buy the CD you buy a copyright licence to listen to THAT CD as many times as you like - you don't buy the music itself, just the right to listen to a single CD. You don't have a licence to go and take the music from somewhere else, or to share it with others.

3. Using P2P software isn't illegal, and nor is distributing it to others - it's the use to which you put the software that may be illegal, and downloading copyrighted music tracks without paying for them is definitely against the law.

4. Providing friends with a link to a P2P file-sharing server is perfectly legal.

"I would hate to think i am breaking the law!"

Then don't.

  [DELETED] 19:26 13 Dec 2004

Downloading music is not the cause for the drop of record sales.
The cause is a combination of an ignorant industry and a change in social behaviour.
The record industry is under fire. The enemy is computer games, mobile (Cell) phones and label brand clothing.
20 years ago the average age of a record (CD) buyer was 21. Today it is 33 yet the record companies continue to spend most of their money catering for a music buying group that is shrinking.
The 16-25 year old spend the bulk of their entertainment money on computer games and Mobile phones.
In fact last year the Price Waterhouse Coopers reported that the global market for video games was worth $US30.8 billion. This even outstripped the film box office takings by some half a billion.
"Video Games have become the new Rock N Roll" was the title of a keynote speech at a recent conference on computer games in Edinburgh.
Gone are the days of kids cueing up to get hold of the latest CD, they are now cueing to get the latest Game. The world's gamers will spend more money buying Halo 2 on it's release day than has been spent at any Hollywood movie's open day. Add the cash oulaid on mobile phones and Label clothing there is little left.
The big loser in all this is music sales.
Record industry. Wake up. Look and see where your market is these days and stop spending 80% of your money on a market that no longer exists. Start catering for the ones who actually buy music and that doesn't mean yet another "Redigitized Very Best of Neil Diamond" CD either.
The golden days for mass music sales are over. Accept it and adjust.

  [DELETED] 20:53 13 Dec 2004

Its a beautiful noise...

I like ND.

  Eargasm 23:58 13 Dec 2004

The police don't prosecute Ford because you were doing 70mph in a 30mph limit, they prosecute you and quite rightly so, because you're the one breaking the law.

Fair point, but why don,t they prosecute Ford for making cars that go faster than 70mph when there is clearly no need, as that is the maximum speed limit.

Simple, if they did no one would buy them. It's all about MONEY, after all nothing else matters, MONEY is GOD unfortunately in the world we live in.

  [DELETED] 07:05 14 Dec 2004

I'm sorry, I don't understand your point.

  [DELETED] 11:21 14 Dec 2004

'It's all about MONEY, after all nothing else matters, MONEY is GOD unfortunately in the world we live in.' you would sell things at a huge loss then?


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