illegal downloading

  herc182 18:55 12 Dec 2004

If there is such a hype about people using programs such as bearshare, winmx, kazaaa (to name but a few) then why is it not a case of suing the makers?

furthermore, torrent files. although it is near impossible to detect whos doing what (as you download striaght from someone elses computer and not a dedicated server), why can the ISP's take action (or inform those appropriate) that people are downloading huge quantities? eg if someone is using 60gb+ every month then it doesnt take a genius to know something is up! they must have a record of all websites visited?

I am a little annoyed that you hear all of the money lost to illegal downloading yet nothing seems to be done. it is possible to stop it surely?

  [DELETED] 19:13 12 Dec 2004

An interesting read click here

  [DELETED] 19:20 12 Dec 2004

When you say the makers, do you mean the programmers of P2P programs?

Why? The programs are not illegal, its the use that they are put too. The police don't prosecute Ford because you were doing 70mph in a 30mph limit, they prosecute you and quite rightly so, because you're the one breaking the law.

Its important to have those P2P programs because they have a valuable application for downloading large files, for instance, free operating systems like Linux, which would not be free if a supplier had to offer sufficient bandwidth.

  herc182 19:34 12 Dec 2004

valvegrid you are right. but why cant ISP's step in if you are clearly up/downloading huge amounts every month (movies, applications etc)? this would apply more to torrent files as they are much bigger files. they have all the info required which could be passed on to the appropriate parties.

  [DELETED] 19:45 12 Dec 2004

You're probably correct there, there is no reason why ISP's can't give information, they are the one's who know who is downloading the large files and the URL's they are using.

But ISP's giving up information is only part of the evidence gathering that needs to be done to prove a case against someone. As we see everyday, people get off with the most outrageous crimes through lack of evidence.

  herc182 19:50 12 Dec 2004

very true.
thing is that torrent files and alike do not go through websites, they are off someones computer. so the usage will not be clear (i may be worng). i.e. all this usage yet very little websites to add up to this bandwidth.

  bremner 20:05 12 Dec 2004

If it's legal action you want then click here

  herc182 20:20 12 Dec 2004

"We don't want to shut down Kazaa, just its illegal activities,"

how the hell would they do that?!

  kev.Ifty 22:36 12 Dec 2004

I have used BearShare to download music in the past, and not once have i deprived anybody of revenue!
Most of the music i have downloaded i already have on CD (which i purchased) but cant be bothered to sort through the 500 plus disc's which i own to play an individual track.

Also some of the music, i would not buy if could not download it,but i could listen to it at any time by visiting one of the many sites that offer steaming.

Downloading should not be illegal. What is the problem and should be the thing which concerns us is the availability of Bootleg music and software at Car Boot sales etc. Those are the people that we pay our taxes to the authorities to have the police prosecute!!

I would go on but i have got to set my video to tape the film on TV. I was thinking of getting a hard drive recorder with a DVD recorder built in, but i think Interpol might 'send the boys round' to kick my door in!

A friend of mine might never walk again after having been shot in the hip whilst being viciously robbed a few weeks ago. Now what would you spend Police resources on again?

  kev.Ifty 22:42 12 Dec 2004

I am sorry. that last paragraph although absolutely true is a bit flippant.

I was just trying to illustrate that maybe the Police should be able to concentrate on everyday crime.


  [DELETED] 23:06 12 Dec 2004


No matter what some people may say, it DOES make the world go round.

Noticed the uprise of MP3 players over the past 5yrs? Why? it's because the people at these companies know that a lot of people download MP3's illegaly and want to cash in on it! It's a decent business move by the hardware manufacturers (in a business sense).

Also the coming broadband. Tell me really, who would pay £25+ for high speed broadband connection if they weren't doing any hardcore downloading?

Ever noticed in TV comercials how they say "you can download music and games..." You'd be quite naive to think they weren't indirectly targeting these sort of commercials to illegal downloaders!

It's all about money! Windows probably don't make the perfect OS cuz they want people to buy another every few years, same goes for most other software etc...

Some decide to pay for it, some don't. It's a fact and it will carry on for very very long time.. that is unless someone brings in strict control involving bashing peoples doors in raiding the average joe bloggs on a daily basis!


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