I'll bet our government wishes that...

  Quickbeam 18:25 07 Mar 2019

It could ban disrespect of the government!

  Pine Man 18:44 07 Mar 2019

Sounds like the sort of thing Trump would want to do;-)

  qwbos 20:00 07 Mar 2019

I saw one of these US state department briefings yesterday. Journalists were being chastised for not following the US government line on Venezuela. Looked more like something from Stasi or Goebbels rather than the supposed leader of the free(?) world.

  BT 08:55 08 Mar 2019

Sounds like the sort of thing Trump would want to do;-)

Wouldn't put it past him.

I was reading a Facebook thread on gun ownership in the US and as you would expect most Americans are passionately defending what one poster called their 'God Given Right' under the 2nd Amendment to own a gun. What puzzled me was that one lady was under the impression that the UK is a country racked by Riots and Burning and No Go areas (Her words) and she was amazed that we all didn't carry guns for our protection. Obviously a victim of 'Fake News'

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