Ignorant people

  Covergirl 23:13 30 Oct 2008

In a sort of follow up to Lazy People, what really gets on my thruppenys are:

1. ignorant pedestrians who block passageways / footpaths / aisles / entrances whilst they stop to have a chat amongst themselves or friends they have bumped into.

Absolutely no spatial awareness or consideration for anyone else, they just stand there oblivious to the fact that they are causing an obstruction.

2. ignorant people who park their cars anywhere just so they don't have to walk too far to get to the cashpoint / shop / friends house etc.

Absolute utter laziness. They just can't be @rsed to find a proper parking spot and walk to their destination.

3. ignorant people who park their cars over someones driveway, again because they are too lazy to park up the road and walk a little.

4. Disabled badge holders who park anywhere in the knowledge that their blue badge will get them an exemption from a FPN. Obviously, genuine cases excluded from this rant.

Phew !

  peter99co 23:18 30 Oct 2008

I think I use the term Arrogent because most of them know they are doing the things you hate.

But I do agree with all your points.

  Brumas 23:23 30 Oct 2008

A)How about ignorant shop assistants who are reluctant to serve you because they are too busy talking!

The whole point of going to the counter is to pay for your purchases because you have finished shopping even though they haven't finished their inconsequential chat!

B) The same shop assistants who, when finally do what they are paid to do i.e, serve you, answer the blooming phone if it should ring.

Excuse me, I am here being served in person, not at the end of a phone!!!

I could go on.....

  mrwoowoo 23:47 30 Oct 2008

1. Arrogant people who park in private parking spaces that are part of peoples property with no parking sighns displayed.
2.Arrogant contractors who drive across my neighbours open plan lawn with their 4x4 and a trailer to refurbish the house next door.
3.The landlords who drove their 4x4 across the same neighbours lawn to do up their buy to let house.
Both times she was out,which is just as well as she is a bit firery and would of exploded.And who could blame here.
4. Looking at the above then arrogant 4x4 drivers.

  PalaeoBill 00:51 31 Oct 2008

What gets me are people who use the word ignorant when they mean rude and then get offended when you accuse them of being ignorant. :-)

  tillybaby 07:08 31 Oct 2008

Being a shop assistant the thing that gets me is people who are talking on their mobile phone while I'm trying the serve them. It's completely different if the phone rings while I'm serving them because obviously they have to answer it but I've watched many who are in deep converstion and quite oblivious of me when they arrive at the till,

If you are from the north of England the word ignorant is used to mean rude, o.k. I know that rude isn't the correct meaning of ignorant and arrogant is the proper word but we all understand each other most of the time.

  €dstowe 07:49 31 Oct 2008

1. People in supermarkets who do part of their shopping, join the queue to pay and then carry on with the remainder of their shelf viewing.

2. People in similar palaces of consumerism who can't be bothered to be ready with their means of paying until their purchases are all neatly in the trolley before they get out their credit card/loyalty card.

3. Similarly, people who go shopping with several cards knowing that at least some of them (for whatever reason) will be declined. Why is it that the invalid cards are always the ones produced first?

4. Celebrities (A to Z list), Members of Parliament, titled persons, local council members and jobsworths who thing they have a god-given right to preferential treatment anywhere they might be and when challenged come out with the mealy mouthed expression "Don't you realise who I am?"

5. Any combination of the above.

I have plenty more of these but it would be curmudgeonly for me to continue.

  Brumas 09:13 31 Oct 2008

curmudgeonly- now that is a good old word - I shall have that as my 'word of the day'

  m800afc 09:43 31 Oct 2008

As a titled person myself, I take exception to that part of point four. If I am making a purchase, I expect the undivided attention of the sales person.

My title is....Mr.

My point still holds. ;-)

  laurie53 09:58 31 Oct 2008

"Disabled badge holders who park anywhere in the knowledge that their blue badge will get them an exemption from a FPN. "

Popular fallacy, it doesn't.

It allows certain concessions, always subject to discretion.

I have received three FPNs. Two were transgressions of posted signage which I didn't read properly and one was an overzealous traffic warden, which I appealed and won.

  Seth Haniel 10:12 31 Oct 2008

just find fault in other peoples answers

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