igerian senator Sani marries girl of 13

  Uboat 10:47 29 Apr 2010

Well I'm not realy sure what you guys think of this but if he has married her then its just a dissgrace & i suppose Religion shouldnt in any way be used as a reason to justify this!

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  wee eddie 11:03 29 Apr 2010

Power really means "the Power to do whatever you wish".

I cannot believe that the Faith, that Mohamed founded, can condone this kind of behaviour. Certainly those parts of the Koran, that I have read, do not sanctify a rotating stream of youngsters, bought, to grace ones marriage bed.

However, it should be up to their Religious Hierarchy to criticise/control the actions of its followers.

We should remember that, considerably less than 100 years ago, Child Prostitutes roamed London's Streets and, although we do not condone it, domestic Criminals still import young women to work as Prostitutes here and British men go to Thailand to consort with, or marry, youngsters.

  knockin on 11:14 29 Apr 2010

It has been common for girls to marry at puberty.. i.e. 12 - 14 years. In some it still is.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:04 29 Apr 2010

Their law, their culture. I'm sure you would not like Nigerians telling us how to run our country or our culture.


  wee eddie 12:45 29 Apr 2010

"knockin on", you may have noticed that the Gentleman is a 49y.o. In 2006 ago he married a 15y.o and he is currently being investigated about a Child related incident in 2003.

If it is regarded, locally, as acceptable for a pubescent girl to marry, then one would not quibble.

However, using power and wealth to procure a series of pubescent girls is doing a "Gary Glitter"

  wolfie3000 14:54 29 Apr 2010

Hey if its good enough for Mohammad,
Doesnt surprise me another person using religion for there own personal perversions.

"i suppose Religion shouldnt in any way be used as a reason to justify this!"

Religion through out centuries has been used to justify alot worse.

Genocide, rape, murder, pedophilia, the objectification of women, greed and many other disgusting things.

  Quickbeam 19:20 29 Apr 2010

Jerry Lee Lewis caused a stir in the '50 when he brought a child bride with him here on tour. In the Deep South it didn't raise an eyebrow... they may even have been first cousins too.

  VCR97 19:23 29 Apr 2010

From a tutorial on English birth certificates:

"The age at which a person could marry and at which they would require consent has changed since 1837. Then marriage could be at 12 for a girl and 14 for a boy, but consent of parent(s) was required for both up to the age of 21. In 1926 the age of marriage for both parties was raised to 16 but consent for both was still required until 21. Now, the age at which people can marry is still 16 but the age for consent has been lowered to 18."

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