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If you're a moped mugger, look away now.

  qwbos 01:02 07 Dec 2018

Having watched so many police programs where chases seem to go on forever, putting innocent lives at risk, I'm surprised this hardening of tactics hasn't happened sooner.

Predictably " Diane Abbott warned on Tuesday that “knocking ­people off bikes is potentially very dangerous – it shouldn’t be legal for anyone”", but then she's been in a world of her own for as long as I can remember.

These thugs show no concern for their victims, so why should they get kid glove treatment?

  HondaMan 10:17 10 Dec 2018

* I fired 2 warning shots near an intruder in my garden . He didn’t come back but the police did mention reasonable force.*

I would say that was reasonable as you aimed to miss

  HondaMan 10:26 10 Dec 2018

MJS WARLORD You shouldn't be surprised. As a parent I would be horrified if my son were killed whilst committing a crime for 2 reasons, 1 that he committed a crime in the first place and 2 that he was stupid enough to do it where he could be caught. So far as failing to assist the secunity guard, I agree entirely and I am not aware of any law which makes it an offence not to assist a police officer but most of us would in any event.

  Pine Man 11:33 10 Dec 2018

I am not aware of any law which makes it an offence not to assist a police officer

Refusing to assist a constable is an offence under common law. The offence is committed if a person refuses, without lawful excuse, to assist a constable who sees a breach of the peace committed or who is assaulted or obstructed when making an arrest, and who, where there is reasonable necessity to do so, calls upon that person to assist him. As a common law offence, it is punishable with an unlimited fine and imprisonment,although it is very rarely prosecuted.

For info,

The definition of a breach of the peace is that the behaviour of the person involved caused the police officer (or private citizen) to believe that it related to harm which was actually done or likely to be done to a person or, in his/ her presence, their property.

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