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If you're a moped mugger, look away now.

  qwbos 01:02 07 Dec 2018

Having watched so many police programs where chases seem to go on forever, putting innocent lives at risk, I'm surprised this hardening of tactics hasn't happened sooner.

Predictably " Diane Abbott warned on Tuesday that “knocking ­people off bikes is potentially very dangerous – it shouldn’t be legal for anyone”", but then she's been in a world of her own for as long as I can remember.

These thugs show no concern for their victims, so why should they get kid glove treatment?

  Pine Man 15:14 07 Dec 2018

Camden Police say that since September, when they started using tactical contact methods, Moped muggings in their area have decreased by 90%.

So where do you stop?

I have no time whatsoever for the little thugs but I believe it is fundamentally wrong to use this procedure, and in any event, the CPS will make the ultimate decision when they consider their first prosecutions, as they are doing at present.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:21 07 Dec 2018

should a juvenile who has committed a fairly minor crime, by todays standards,

These thugs wield machetes and throw acid, they have therefore forfeited and human rights they are entitled to and should be dealt with accordingly.

  Pine Man 16:07 07 Dec 2018

One thing that has been missed is that there are NO dangerous pursuits without police involvement.

The dangerous pursuit is caused by police involvement and, under normal pursuit circumtances, it would be called off before getting dangerous.

There are alternatives that avoid potentially serious injuries being caused such as DNA forensic tagging, which involves suspects and their vehicles marked with a spray before calling off the pursuit, which can be spotted by UV light up to a month after the crime has been committed and directly linking that perpetrator to the crime. So far 28 suspects have been arrested using this tactic.

The statistics for ramming are certainly impressive but the ends do not always justify the means. Lots of people offend and re-offend and we can all think of ways of stopping that completely........

  qwbos 16:34 07 Dec 2018

The dangerous pursuit is caused by police involvement and, under normal pursuit circumtances, it would be called off before getting dangerous.

Not always. In many instances, pursuits start as a result of police being informed of dangerous driving, frequently criminals fleeing the scene of the crime.

Are you happy for weapon wielding thugs on mopeds to charge along pavements? It's bad enough with "law abiding" cyclists, never mind these thugs. As soon as they make the decision to go out and commit crime, they've thrown away ALL their rights, just as they've taken away all their victims rights.

If you watch any of the many police reality programs on TV, and there are plenty of them, you'll see numerous instances where thugs will stop at absolutely nothing to evade capture. Many are counting on the police to abort a pursuit because of the danger involved.

They don't care whose lives they put at risk, nor whose property or vehicles they damage. In some cases, multiple police vehicles and police helicopters are involved, incurring huge cost. And when the thugs get to court, the punishment rarely fits the crime. A bill for the cost of their capture would be a good starting point.

So if they end up seriously injured or dead due to a hard stop, that's a risk they're taking. My only concern is the cost and burden to the NHS, and that some bleeding heart (Abbot perhaps) would support their claims for compensation.

  Pine Man 17:00 07 Dec 2018

An issue that we are split on. Dare I say a bit like Brexit?

  Old Deuteronomy 17:04 07 Dec 2018

The dangerous pursuit is caused by police involvement and, under normal pursuit circumtances, it would be called off before getting dangerous.

There's a very simple way for people to avoid being pursued by the police, don't go breaking the law.

  john bunyan 18:34 07 Dec 2018

In the USA they would just shoot them.

  Quickbeam 18:40 07 Dec 2018

Looking at it that way, they're quite lucky to only be run down!

  HondaMan 21:28 07 Dec 2018

If you look at the police cars in America, possibly the most litigious country in the world, you will see that almost all their cars have "bull-bars", the purpose oh which is to protect the car in the case of "tactical contact". When did you last hear of a law-suit following such an ev ent?

If people break the law, then it is not unreasonable to expect retribution. Frankly, if a moped thief steals and as a result gets killed by a police officer, my answer would be "so what"

Hard line, yes, but so are they and I would rather see that happen than the police be armed as a matter of course

  Pine Man 15:10 08 Dec 2018

If your son nicked a phone and died due to these police stopping tactics would you still say he deserved to die.

I couldn't agree more.

Some while back, near where I lived, a teenager, wearing a crash helmet, got knocked off his moped at a low speed in a minor bump. The police investigation decided that there wasn't sufficient evidence to mount a prosecution. Oh, I forgot, the moped rider died!

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