If you want an example of China's disgraceful way

  Forum Editor 18:13 18 Nov 2010

of dealing with situations it doesn't like, look no further than click here

All the industrial and technological progress in the world doesn't compensate for the way that China's totalitarian regime behaves towards citizens who criticise it, or the fashion in which it makes veiled threats to the governments of foreign nations who show support to said citizens.

Telling the world that there would be "consequences" if governments showed support for a Chinese Nobel Prize winner is an appalling way to behave, and shows that for all its boasting about 'progress' the Chinese Communists don't know the meaning of the word.

I expect I'l be refused entry for saying that, next time I go to Beijing.

  robgf 18:46 18 Nov 2010

"I expect I'l be refused entry for saying that, next time I go to Beijing".

Or worse, refused exit.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:49 18 Nov 2010

Have never trusted that shower.


  rowdy 19:07 18 Nov 2010

I was expecting a revealing juicy anecdote about that old PCA reprobate China


  Forum Editor 19:49 18 Nov 2010

Juicy anecdote?

They're staying under lock and key until my book is published.

  johndrew 19:56 18 Nov 2010

"They're staying under lock and key until my book is published."

It will get a 'D' notice in China!!!

  OTT_B 21:29 18 Nov 2010

There's a reason why the UK gets more asylum seekers from China than from any other country, and it's not because they have one of the worlds largest populations.

I categorise China in the same pocket as Saudi Arabia - shocking human rights records, but lots of money, so that's ok. We just won't talk about it.

It's a repulsive situation.

  gardener 22:41 18 Nov 2010

Well, you could say the same about America. It has imposed it's will on other nations for decades, but because it has been so powerful we chose not to offend it.

Plus ca change.

  Forum Editor 22:45 18 Nov 2010

"We just won't talk about it."

But we do talk about it, all the time. It does no good, because - so far - the Chinese government ignores what we say.

This is classic case of a regime recognising that there's a cultural train coming down the track, and thinking that the way to delay its arrival (for the Communist leaders know they can't stop it) it is to oppress, and keep on oppressing.

What will win in the end is the human spirit - in the end the people of China cannot fail to escape from the tyranny of communism, it's just going to take a while longer, that's all.

  gardener 22:53 18 Nov 2010

'the Chinese government ignores what we say'

Substitute China for America.

  jakimo 22:59 18 Nov 2010

All the more reason why we should not be sending them aid we cannot afford

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