If you have to show a passport again within the EU

  Quickbeam 18:14 12 Nov 2015

...would it bother you?

I always thought that there would be problems with this EU desire for open borders somewhere down the line. It's not really much of a bother to show a passport travelling between EU states, and now they are struggling with the problem of free travel abuse.

  Bazzaman 18:46 12 Nov 2015

On mainland Europe, very often there are, effectively, no borders. I.e. one can drive by road (e.g. motorway) from France through Belgium into Netherlands and so on without stopping (and probably without even slowing down these days). Having to show a passport would make a huge impact on cross border traffic in such instances. For example, a huge number of people commute cross border.

  Quickbeam 18:52 12 Nov 2015

I don't deny that it's a huge convenience, but is it worth the convenience Vs the huge unmonitored and unauthorised immigrant movements?

  morddwyd 19:25 12 Nov 2015

I travelled widely on the mainland, before freedom of movement and Schengen, the only place I was ever asked for a passport was at Dover!

  Forum Editor 07:22 13 Nov 2015

"the only place I was ever asked for a passport was at Dover!"

And that will continue to be the case. We have always retained control over who comes or goes across our borders - even if at times it doesn't seem like it.

  spuds 11:46 13 Nov 2015

A UK passport could get you into a number of places that other countries passports could not, and vice versa.

But in my travelling days, I held very little faith on what Her Majesty would do, if other countries 'interfered' with her subjects :O)

  HondaMan 15:27 13 Nov 2015

*We have always retained control over who comes or goes across our borders *

Surely you jest.

  bigfooted 12:50 15 Nov 2015

Bazzaman, do you mean a huge impact like 129 dead and over 300 injured because terrorists could drive from one side of Europe to the other without fear of being stopped or searched? Way to go! I would vote for passport control, even visas, if it cuts down the risk of this sort of thing. wotan28

  Forum Editor 14:14 15 Nov 2015


"I would vote for passport control, even visas, if it cuts down the risk of this sort of thing."

As would I. Unfortunately, it would still be ridiculously easy to enter and leave pretty well any European country at will, without having any documents at all. It starts to get difficult if you want to function as part of a country's society, of course, but if you simply want to enter a country, carry out an atrocity and leave again it would still be very easy - passport or no passport.

We could make our border controls the tightest in Europe within a week, but people would still be able to enter the country at will.

That said, I'm still with you on having much tighter controls all over Europe.

  morddwyd 15:28 15 Nov 2015

If you've never done much cross border driving on the mainland it's difficult to imagine the difficulties, particularly on the E-routes. For most crossings you simply slow to 70k. On autobahns every bit as busy as the M1 or the M6 even this causes massive congestion and tailbacks at busy times.

Actually stopping and checking even 5 per cent would mean the total destruction of some perishable markets

  john bunyan 15:32 15 Nov 2015

Border controls are useful, but a determined smuggler, or terrorist ,in small numbers, would have no difficulty in getting into the UK. In a former life I practiced coming ashore at night from surface vessels or indeed submarines, by swimming or by canoe. Never once, here or elsewhere were we challenged by the Coast Guard. All you need is a waterproof rucksack for weapons, drugs or whatever plus a dry suit and fins, or even a small RIB. In remote beaches there is no chance of detection - I suspect that even, in the middle of the night, on many beaches near towns the same applies. Border controls are vital for the vast majority of would be illegal immigrants, but just look at the Greek islands to see how easy it is to arrive in small boats.

For the top echelon of would be terrorists , smugglers, etc, intelligence is the best way, and we have to accept state "snooping".

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