If you have a love of engineering....

  LastChip 12:27 25 May 2008

Although I've seen Charles Babbage's masterpiece in The London Science Museum, I've never seen it working.

Well, recently, the number two machine was commissioned and completed for shipment to the USA. These are the only two machines in the World. Babbage never actually built the machine himself.

click here for a video of the USA machine working and marvel and feel very proud that an Englishman produced this engineering work of art, far ahead of its time.

Some would argue, this *is* the original computer, complete with a working printer!

  peter99co 12:40 25 May 2008

How many ideas have been lost because of lack of actual construction, due to the limits of engineering skills at the time of their creation?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:42 25 May 2008

Great to see it in action

The world woul be a very different place if this had been built 150 years ago.

  Noldi 12:54 25 May 2008

For me that is more the mathmatical brains behind the idea rather than actual Engineering.

For me the real Engineers where Brunel and Tancred–Arrol etc. 24 year old Brunel built the Clifton Susspension bridge in Bristol in the 1800S. The others are people like John Barnard who brought a lot of inovations into F1.


  Noldi 12:55 25 May 2008

Should have mention the man himself Colin Chapman.

  peter99co 13:34 25 May 2008

Babbage was involved in many things and is worth study. A Google check shows he was interested in Decimal Currency and Lighthouses among other interests.

  Forum Editor 14:31 25 May 2008

and the first one, finished in 1991 worked perfectly, and still does.

  jakimo 18:33 25 May 2008

There have been many such British innovations but due to the lack of British backing,have ended up being credited to foreigners who were prepared to finance the development cost

  csqwared 19:50 25 May 2008

I've always been greatly in awe of the works of Leonardo da Vinci, a lot of his ideas and inventions were indeed constrained only by the lack of proper materials. I once visited his home town where they have a museum dedicated to his works with models of some of them, the annoying thing being, none of them worked although it would have been relativley easy to do that, and would have given a better understanding of what he had achieved. And yes, Noldi, a brilliant mathematician also.

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