if you hadn,t heard

  bonmol 12:21 18 Jun 2010

there's a company based in India claiming to be Microsoft,telling you your computer is infected,with viruses-that its running slow,because its infected.ect-ect,
Befor believing these scammers,remember

Microsoft never phone anybody,
if they wanted to get in touch with you,they've got plenty of online ways to do it,
if you follow the scammers instructions,

  ella33 15:00 18 Jun 2010

I haven't heard from these people but isn't there some legislation that is able to stop them?

  bonmol 16:09 18 Jun 2010

they are based outside the EU,so are not covered by EU postal laws,or in fact by any UK or EU laws,they invade your system,and either debit money from your account,or want money to "clean you system"

  Forum Editor 17:39 18 Jun 2010

I certainly had reports of it happening back in October 2009.

As with all fake calls, the thing to remember is that if you provide no information you can come to no harm. No reputable company will cold call you like this, so just refuse to talk - hang up and forget about it.

  bonmol 18:10 18 Jun 2010

they do not give up easy,i had 6 calls a month,they really don't like to be told NO ,BUT DON'T BELIEVE THEM----- steer clear

  Bandy 19:19 20 Jun 2010


I can beat that, just.

I've had 9 in the last month including a call on 4 consecutive days the week before last.

Now getting a bit upset that they've given up this week, I was getting used to them ringing whist dishing up the tea.

  tullie 19:25 20 Jun 2010

As FE has said,this isent a new scam.

  john bunyan 19:37 20 Jun 2010

I usually say " Hold on, the person you want is upstairs" - then leave it off the hook till they hang up. At least it will have cost them a bit.

  WhiteTruckMan 21:22 20 Jun 2010

If microsoft genuinely did want to contact someone (for whatever reason) how would they go about it without appearing to be some sort of scammer to the more cynical of us?

Or should I not be asking that question?


  Forum Editor 22:47 20 Jun 2010

Microsoft never contacts you, for any reason, unless you have opted in to receive emails from the company. If you do that you're likely to receive newsletters on a regular basis, but that's all.

You can contact the company via its telephone support system, and then you'll obviously talk to an individual, but they'll not send you emails except in exceptional circumstances - they know the dangers involved (for you, not them).

I've corresponded with the Press Office via email for years, but all other contact has been by phone, or at meetings in Microsoft's offices.

  morddwyd 10:11 21 Jun 2010

"they'll not send you emails except in exceptional circumstances"

Oh Dear! Does this mean that the recent offer from Bill and Melinda's trust to send me a lot of money straight into my bank account is a scam?

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