If you can`t fly how would you get home?

  Cymro. 15:27 21 Apr 2010

Right then you you are stuck in some foreign country because there are no plains flying (yes I do know that problem is over) but just how do you plan to get back home then?

There are many scenarios for something like this. You may be single fit and young with a good credit card or even cash in your pocket and not very for from home. Lucky you, but you may be an old aged pensioner in poor health, or say a parent with a bunch of children to see too. Not so easy now is it?

Make your own rules up I don`t mind but just how would you get back to good old "Blighty" then? As it so happens me and the wife are going off tomorrow for a couple of weeks but as we are not flying anywhere I have no problems.
I don`t think I should have said that so correction I don`t expect any problems.

  john bunyan 15:40 21 Apr 2010

As a start, contact the nearest British Consulate for advice.

  Cymro. 15:47 21 Apr 2010

That is too easy,
how about a bit of self sufficiency, a sense of adventure a bit of novelty about solving the problem.

  john bunyan 15:57 21 Apr 2010

OK if you want the hard way! Depends where you are, you could risk hitching a lift or going to a freight depot to see if they would help. The same applies to sea freight. sometimes you could get on a container vessel. At worst an Asylum seeker mafia guy may give some advice. Maybe buy a bike and get on it to Calais - a guy cycled all down the continent of America on a TV show recently.I won't suggest what a singe guy or girl could do in finding a kind opposite sex friend who is a keen driver...

  sunnystaines 16:07 21 Apr 2010

people will be entitled to some form of payment from their airline if their flights have been cancelled or delayed. Under Regulation EC261, any passenger travelling to or from Europe, or travelling on a European airline needs to be paid meals and refreshments in "reasonable relation to waiting time", two free telephone calls, emails, telexes or faxes and hotel accommodation and transfers, for the duration of the delay

  Cymro. 16:21 21 Apr 2010

Yes but that will not get you back to the UK if no plains are flying will it.
Get back to the drawing board and do better next time.

  Jim Thing 16:26 21 Apr 2010

"...how about a bit of self sufficiency, a sense of adventure a bit of novelty about solving the problem."

Will this do?
There was an item on a local TV news programme yesterday about a woman who solved the problem by buying a used car in Portugal for a few hundred Euros and driving it home to some place in NW England.

  Cymro. 16:31 21 Apr 2010

Yes I like it
and if the price of such cars is something like it is over here it could well work out cheaper.

  sunnystaines 16:57 21 Apr 2010

rule ec261 will tie you over till the airline or holiday rep arranges other transport.

I see ryan air refuses to comply with this rule and may have a few court hearings.

how a good holiday, where are you off too?

  Cymro. 17:09 21 Apr 2010

So how were there were so many people stuck abroad then? Surely they did not all fly with Ryanair?

My old sparing partners on the Forum will disapprove of my having a holiday as they worry about people like me who do not work being able to afford such things. They don`t understand that my wealthy wife may be paying not the welfare state.

I had better get off now and tick resolved or there will be too many Email notifications when I return.

  john bunyan 17:14 21 Apr 2010

Have a great holiday, wherever it is!!

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