If you are left handed,

  octal 06:31 26 Jun 2010

then it seems the new iPhone 4 isn't for you.

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But I'm right handed and I hold the phone in my left hand and make notes with my right hand, so on that reasoning the phone will suit left handed people more than right.

Think about it, how do you use your phone?

  Forum Editor 07:34 26 Jun 2010

hold their phone in the left hand if they have ever worked in an office, or any other environment in which they may have to write as they talk.

  jack 07:36 26 Jun 2010

is Contradictory
In the piece they say
'Alternatively, said Apple, customers could buy a case to shield the antenna. '

I though the whole object of this exercise to AVOID shielding the antenna.
They are fumbling in the dark again.
The way forward is to tape a bit of bare wire to the casing - so that it protrudes above the hand
Until that is they get around to going back to the 'screw in' type of knobby bit.

  BT 07:41 26 Jun 2010

..and hold my phone in my left hand for the reasons that FE has said.

What a farce. How much does this thing cost? They obviously don't employ people with much foresight to come up with a blunder like this.

  Þ² 08:03 26 Jun 2010

I'm deaf in my right ear so have to use the left but I am right handed.

  Forum Editor 08:39 26 Jun 2010

The advice to buy a case is valid - the antenna needs to be shielded from contact with your hand.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:01 26 Jun 2010

Surely if people are so bright that they can find their way to a shop to buy an Iphone, then slightly changing the way they hold it is not a massive and onerous task? I have never read so much cobblers written about such a minor problem.


  octal 10:08 26 Jun 2010

It seems a bit of a poor design if they have placed the voltage node of the antenna at the bottom of the phone where it will have the greatest effect of detuning the antenna with your hand, there probably is a reason why they did it that way, but I can't see the logic at the moment.

  canarieslover 11:02 26 Jun 2010

What it certainly shows is a lack of 'field testing' as that problem would have raised its head very early in the testing. In many other businesses allowing such a fault through to the customer would certainly raise concerns. Imagine if Toyota had told their customers, "It's the way your pressing the pedal" or "We can sell you a part to rectify that."

  AL47 16:39 26 Jun 2010

Glad I have a desire ;D

  morddwyd 20:37 26 Jun 2010

Good point, but having paid that much money for what is essentially a mobile phone you would expect to be able to hold it in the conventional way, rather than use a special grip.

Imagine buying a pen that you couldn't hold, and use, like any other pen, or a saucepan or any of a myriad of things.

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