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If Yorkshire Was A Country

  Quickbeam 09:09 07 Aug 2012

It seems that we'd be tenth in the medal table right now...

Not bad:)

  Quickbeam 10:58 09 Aug 2012

" gave me a good laugh"

Well, at least one person has seen this post for what it is:)

  Quickbeam 07:29 10 Aug 2012

The vital statistics page

I found this while looking to see how the sexes split in the medals table.

Olympic Breakfast just quoted Bingalau's percentage of population split as:

  1. China, 1 gold per 16 million
  2. USA, 1 gold per 3.5 million
  3. GB, 1 gold per 1.1 million

But the most successful country is Grenada with 1 gold per 100,000(ish).

The men Vs women split is 64/36%. I was actually expecting that that to be nearer 50/50.

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