If we weren't already greatly divided as a nation

  Quickbeam 06:16 13 Jul 2018

Trump waltzes in like the worst ever interfering mother in law!

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Presidential opinions are one thing, but to blatantly undermine the authority of a shaky democratic leader of a major nation that will destabilise us politically and socially is just beyond the pale.

Just when we're on the verge of accepting a Brexit compromise which is the best our divided nation will tolerate, he slams a clumsy wedge into our chasm of discord.

  Quickbeam 06:24 13 Jul 2018

We have many social and political problems at the moment, but they are our problems to solve. Not for what should be a neutral world power to slop up in the dining room at Blenheim.

  Quickbeam 06:31 13 Jul 2018

Are we still special friends I wonder?

  Govan1x 07:13 13 Jul 2018

I think he was just speaking the obvious.

If we have a trade deal with the EU we cant have a trade deal with the USA.

In other words you cant have your cake and eat it.

Mind you depends what the trade deal with the USA is, Not a person to be mess about with and I am sure we will get screwed with any trade deal with him but only time will tell.

  LastChip 08:59 13 Jul 2018

What the world can't get used to is a different type of politician.

Yes. he's brash, brazen and sometimes very clumsy in his delivery of information. But he says it as he sees it.

We're used to a bunch of politicians who never answer a question, as they're terrified it will come back and haunt them.

He's right about Germany and NATO. They've been sponging off the US for decades. Imagine if we took the same route, it would probably free up another £20b+ revenue each year for other uses - the NHS for example. No wonder Germany are so wealthy.

I'm convinced Boris Johnson was right. If Donald Trump was negotiating BREXIT, we'd be in a very different and a much better place. Certainly not the shambles we're all witnessing at present.

The demonstrations are pathetic. We're a country of 60m+ and a few thousand are protesting. Mostly hard left wingers who spend their lives complaining about everything. Unless they're spoon fed by the state and have to do very little work, they'll continue until they die. The pump up doll says more about them, than it does about Donald Trump.

Like him or loath him, he is the president of the United States and as a country, we'd be very foolish to try and ignore that. He may still yet, turn out to be our best friend.

  bremner 09:32 13 Jul 2018


I agree with what you have said other than if he was negotiating Brexit. His bull in a china shop approach to everything would simply not work with Brussels as they hold all the cards, which is why we are deriously facing the no deal scenario.

  Govan1x 10:20 13 Jul 2018

His bull in a china shop approach to everything would simply not work with Brussels

Was Margaret Thatcher not a bit like that.It never done her any harm.

We should not be asking them what they want us to do. We should be telling them what we want to do.

You have to be strong with your negotiations not week and wobbly.

If they don't like it that's there problem.

All the problems seem to be related to our borders with the the south of Ireland. What we do with our border with Ireland is our problem and we certainly should not have the EU telling us what to do. Well that's the way I see it. UK border UK control.

  LastChip 12:33 13 Jul 2018

"not work with Brussels as they hold all the cards"

That's not true bremner. It's what the establishment want us to believe.

I go back to factual information, that the EU sells more to us, than we do to it. It's massively in their interests to get a deal and so far, our negotiators have been worse than a wet flannel. The truth is, there is a whole establishment behind all this that doesn't want it to happen.

We should now say, enough is enough. If you want to trade with us, come up with a proposal and we'll look at it. Until that time, were off on WTO rules and by the way, there will be no further payments of any kind to the EU. If such a deal is forthcoming, we'll look at some good will payment to help you along.

They don't understand softly, softly. But their businesses will understand what I've just written.

  Forum Editor 13:31 13 Jul 2018

"....he slams a clumsy wedge into our chasm of discord."

Dear me! Talk about spreading doom and gloom unnecessarily. You're wildly overreacting to some classic Trump blather - he shoots from the hip, and doesn't care about the consequences.

Fortunately, there are enough clever, politically savvy people behind him to ensure that some commonsense will prevail. America needs trade deals as much as any country. Donald Trump would like to think otherwise, but even he must bow to the will of the American people. They want foreign imports, and they will get them - America is currently the UK's second largest trading partner and our second largest export market - a fifth of all our exports go there.

Trump will continue to blather, but we will continue to trade - American Presidents some and go, but international trade goes on.

  Quickbeam 14:12 13 Jul 2018

Yes we can agree on that I think, the sooner the better for me through, he's currently speaking live in the manner of a 7 year old that wavers partway through the script like a child speaking on the school stage for the first time speaking to grownups and then catches up as his attention is brought back into control.

  Govan1x 15:14 13 Jul 2018

Not being a Trump supporter listened to his latest meeting and speeches with the PM today and must admit I thought the came over very well.

So have to give him a bit of respect for the way he tackles problems.

Mind you I suppose its his way or no way.But thought that he handled himself well.

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