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If we all went Vegan or Vegetarian?

  canarieslover 10:04 10 Dec 2019

Three months ago I got into a discussion with a friend who has been vegan for a couple of years now, an animal lover with a conscience. I thought I should at least give it a try but not so extreme, I went vegetarian. two months were enough for me, I'd upset the wife, a big meat eater, and turned into a methane factory. A trip into Norfolk at the weekend started me thinking of it again. On the way we passed sheep, cows and several pig farms. What would happen to all these animals if we all went vegan? The only reason for all these animals is to support our food chain. We couldn't just let them go free as we would need the land to produce our vegetables, and we certainly couldn't let them feed on that produce. What would we do with them?

  Pine Man 10:10 10 Dec 2019

My wife and I have both tried it - but not for long. We both became quite unpopular!!

  canarieslover 10:22 10 Dec 2019

Pine Man - I'm not surprised if my performance was anything to go by.

  canarieslover 10:51 10 Dec 2019

Belatucadrus - Unfortunately I remember that. The smell stays in the memory forever.

  Gordon Freeman 10:51 10 Dec 2019

Going vegetarian is something I've wanted to try.

I could easily give up meat to be honest, as we only have meat maybe twice/week, 3 at most. The wife wasn't interested in trying it, so that was the end of 2 different meals would be an issue I think.

Regarding your question though (If we all went Vegan or Vegetarian?), were you thinking UK only, or more widely, i.e. globally?

If we all did it in the UK, think of the huge impact on the meat industry & restaurant trades.

All the animals (beef cattle/pigs/sheep/chickens/turkeys, etc.) would need to be exported, or the farming industry could change focus & just breed them, butcher them & become meat exporters to meat eating countries.

If this was done globally, same impact on restaurant trades, but it would probably result in mass culling & burning of animals - we couldn't just let them free...imagine the 'outrage' on that one.

Interesting question though.

  Aitchbee 10:55 10 Dec 2019

"... we would need the land to produce our vegetables,...".

Ah,but [ and it's a big but],

The political parties have been promising huge increases in tree planting in their election manifestos, so finding that land to grow more vegetables will be difficult.

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  Cymro. 11:04 10 Dec 2019

There are many reasons why someone would choose to become vegan or vegetarian. Unfortunately many of those who do don't think it out properly. Do vegans still keep dogs or cats as pets? Do they wear leather shoes? and probably several more such questions. Animal welfare is as good a reason as any but then am I willing to sacrifice my meat diet for the benefit of animals?

  john bunyan 11:20 10 Dec 2019

To obtain the protein needed, even more Brazilian rain Forest would be cut to plans soya beans; goatherds in desert regions would die. In China , pigs provide protein very efficiently- not enough land for soya.

The problem is that protein is sparse in vegan food.

Long term, clearly, meat eating should reduce, but a complete switch to veganism seems unlikely. Areas such as hill grazing for sheep are not suitable for vegetables to be grown to replace the meat.

  canarieslover 12:03 10 Dec 2019

Gordon Freeman - I was thinking of world wide as there are many large areas where supporting the local inhabitants would be virtually impossible if they were to rely on farming vegetables. I have been watching Alaska - The Last Frontier and despite the low density of population it seems that their ability to grow anything is very limited so they have a high ratio of meat and fish to vegetables. Would the human race have to abandon areas of the planet that can't grow enough food?

  Quickbeam 12:57 10 Dec 2019

Does a ham salad count?

  wee eddie 13:24 10 Dec 2019

If all of us stopped farming animals, almost all upland and hill farming would cease.

What would happen to all that land then, is debateable, but it is not suitable for arable farming. Almost all of it would end up as miles of bracken or, possibly rhododendron, both of which are extremely unfriendly to wildlife.

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