If this is true

  Grey Goo 09:23 19 Mar 2010

I make no comment on this as some will say "We all have to do our bit" Personally I think it is apalling but then I have a dear old Girl next door who could do with a few bob extra, just to pay for the Council carer who does sod all for £14 an hour.
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  egapup 10:41 19 Mar 2010

A council carer getting £14 an hour??? no wonder our council taxes are so high. I bet the government's big fat pensions will be unaffected.

  jakimo 13:09 19 Mar 2010

I may have understood,but theres no mention in your link about council carer charges.

If your referring to the cost of a council carer coming in to do some chores,(cleaning,etc.it would cost me £25 an hour,it varies,depending where you live.

egapup... The £14 an hr. Grey Goo mentioned would be paid direct by his neighbor to the carer (who does sod all)and is not part of your council tax bill

  GANDALF <|:-)> 13:26 19 Mar 2010

If you want to employ a house cleaner round where I live it will cost about £11/hour and you may need to pay a 'retainer' fee whilst they are on holiday, so the amount given to carers seems OK to me. Before anyone chirps in, it is very, very difficult to get a cleaner to work for you.


  Grey Goo 14:53 19 Mar 2010

You are confusing working people or others that may well be capable of affording this rate. When you are 85 and getting a partial State Pension and a very small pension from employment then £14 is a lot of money. These people are not just cleaners they are supposed to care for the elderly. The "Carer" my neighbour gets will not help her bathe,cleans the kitchen floor without moving anything and refuses to put the recycling into the 2 boxes we have, it is dumped outside her front door. (Actually it isn't anymore for reasons I won't go into)

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:39 19 Mar 2010

Rather scarily, I am in agreement with fourm member. If the carers do their job correctly I see no problem in £14 compared to the house cleaners around here. Of course there are many people who do not do their jobs correctly but pay is set on assumed/expected, not actual, competence, procedure and ability.


  johndrew 16:01 19 Mar 2010

Unfortunately nothing seems to change in this respect.

During the Korean War (UN Policing Action?) my father was overseas and my mother fell ill. The forces wouldn`t allow my father home even though we had no near relations to assist. I was the eldest of three at around seven/eight years of age (the youngest was a little over a year old) so the Council provided a `Home Help`, as I remember they were called, at a price we could not really afford.

The woman turned up for two half days a week, drank our tea, took our money and barely lifted a finger. She was supposed to clean the house and cook a meal for us - no chance in either case. As a result I decided to stay off school and look after the home and my brothers. This went on for around eighteen months near the end of which the Council, I can`t remember which function, sent someone round and I got hell as I was protecting my mother from being harassed.

Now I`m retired history appears to be repeating itself for my latter years.

  egapup 16:54 19 Mar 2010

" I see no problem in £14"
Where do you live? i'll come clean your house.

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