if they did they are cowards

  ronalddonald 10:29 04 Aug 2010

click here

as the news articles suggests it unconfirmed that a fox was killed by some people, but if did do it they are cowards

  Quickbeam 10:45 04 Aug 2010

Is it any more distasteful than ripping them apart in ones pinks? Tally Ho chaps!

Mr Fox's lot have never been a good one...

  Quickbeam 10:48 04 Aug 2010

Terrible grammar in the above:(

  WhiteTruckMan 11:34 04 Aug 2010

totally wrong methods.


  michaelw 12:33 04 Aug 2010

The fox problem is going to get worse insofar as they are getting bolder. Luckily my cat is an Abyssinian and big so it can see off a fox, but I've chased away a fox from attacking another cat.

This seems unnessasarily cruel but is it any worse than being torn to shreds by hounds?

  tullie 12:39 04 Aug 2010

Doesent make them cowards,just going about it the wrong way.

  ella33 12:56 04 Aug 2010

I believe that hunting with hounds is now banned? But fox hunting is not necessarily banned without hounds...the law is a bit of a mess on that point.

But there is no need for treating any creature like that...you can call the RSPCA and they will remove them humanely.

  interzone55 14:26 04 Aug 2010

Foxes rarely attack humans, they come into towns and cities because us humans are too bone idle to dispose of our litter properly.

The streets are awash with food day & night.

Bins are over flowing because families throw too much away.

Food is dropped straight into bins instead of being bagged up to stop the smell spreading.

In short we really are crap, and perhaps it should be the foxes hunting us, as we're a far bigger menace...

  Brumas 15:16 04 Aug 2010

If the Paul Lister of the Alladale Estate succeeds we shall have wolves back in the north of Scotland.
We are reassured that the whole area would be enclosed by a huge electrified fence but all it would take would be one weak spot and the rest doesn't bear thinking about!

Foxes roaming the streets and gardens of our towns is bad enough but wolves......!!

  michaelw 15:44 04 Aug 2010

...In short we really are crap, and perhaps it should be the foxes hunting us, as we're a far bigger menace...

Just thank our lucky stars we don't live in brown bear country.

  tullie 16:59 04 Aug 2010

Dident a baby get attacked not long ago?

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