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If there’s one thing history has taught us:

  x123 10:55 29 Jan 2017

technology fails if using it makes you look like a plonker.

I wondered what happened to 3D TV

  x123 10:58 29 Jan 2017

Sorry. That link just takes to main BBC page.

enter link description here

  hssutton 11:14 29 Jan 2017

The link is correct, but you have to scroll down to the section below Google recalls staff. x123 I'm inclined to agree with you.

  Old Deuteronomy 14:58 29 Jan 2017

I never saw the point of 3D TV, it seems I was not alone.

  john bunyan 17:34 29 Jan 2017

I bought a 3D Smart TV a couple of years ago. I have never used the 3D bit! At the time the extra cost was minimal . I also noted that there were very few 3D films that I wanted to watch.

  Teabag. 18:18 29 Jan 2017

It makes you wonder what has happened to the mountain of 3D televisions that did not sell. Can they be reprogrammed as ordinary 2D televisions or is there wharehouses full of them?

  hssutton 19:56 29 Jan 2017

They are ordinary TVs, but support 3D. I've had my Smart TV for several years, but never bothered with 3D.

  daz60 19:26 30 Jan 2017

Will curved tv's go the same way.?

  morddwyd 19:35 30 Jan 2017

I have a 3D TV. It just happened to be a feature of the TV I bought. I've never tried it. The special glasses are still in the sealed box they camein!

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