If there was a fire in your house...

  Si_L 14:58 10 Nov 2008

...And you could only save one thing, what would it be and why?

(Not allowed living things)

  Woolwell 15:11 10 Nov 2008

Photo collection

  Monoux 15:31 10 Nov 2008

Me PC of course or I couldn't visit here

  royalflush 15:33 10 Nov 2008

My son!! everything else stays i aint bothered!!!

  royalflush 15:34 10 Nov 2008

Si_L i missed your point of none living things ok in thats case it would be my certificates i couldnt get copies of them & they are part of mine & my family's future...

  Si_L 16:00 10 Nov 2008

Nothing sentimental then?

  The Brigadier 16:02 10 Nov 2008

My paintings.

  interzone55 16:05 10 Nov 2008

If it counts as one thing, and I've got a handy fork-lift to move it, my record collection, because some of the records can't be replaced (either no CD version or they're special editions) and some are worth a pretty penny...

  oresome 16:36 10 Nov 2008

I'd like my trousers.

  Legolas 17:54 10 Nov 2008

Rather boring I know but I would grab my laptop

  IClaudio 17:56 10 Nov 2008

The fire extinguisher.

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