If 'The A-Team' was a film?......

  DANZIG 22:05 08 Oct 2008

...who would play the lead characters?

My personal choice is thus..

'Hannibal' Hayes - George Clooney
'Howling Mad' Murdoch - Jim Carrey
'Face' - Brad Pitt
'BA' Baracus - Mr T (no-one else can do it!)

Anyone else got any ideas?

  MAJ 22:11 08 Oct 2008

"My personal choice is thus..

'Hannibal' Hayes - George Clooney"

Who would play 'Kid Curry'?

It's Hannibal Smith, Hannibal Hayes was a character (cowboy) in 'Alias Smith and Jones'.

  DANZIG 22:13 08 Oct 2008


My rubbish 80's memory is getting all mushed up

  MAJ 22:23 08 Oct 2008

I only noticed it because I really enjoyed 'Alias Smith and Jones', DANZIG.

My choices:

Hannibal Smith: Tom Sellick.

Murdoch: Bill Murray

Faceman: Has to be Brad Pitt to get the women watching

BA Baracus: Ving Rhames

  DANZIG 22:32 08 Oct 2008

Tom Sellick??? The 'tache??? I think not. lol

How about 'The Rock' himself (Dwayne Johnson) as BA?

  Quickbeam 08:54 09 Oct 2008

I wouldn't be in the Q to watch it;)

  version8 10:09 09 Oct 2008

Hannibal:Tony Blair
Faceman: Alister Darling
Mr T: Keith Vas
Murdoch:Gordon Brown

And Amy the one time member: Harriet Harman.

  donki 10:14 09 Oct 2008

Ive had this debate many many nites sitting in the pub. It would take some doing to really pull it off, look at the example of the Dukes of Hazard, what a lot of bron that was!!

If they had the same writer and director (assuming they are alive), I would have:

Hannibal Smith: George Clooney.

Murdoch: Bill Murray I think would do it really well I have no doubt but id say he is a little on the old side, so Jim Carrey athou Id say Johnny Depp would be hilarious.

Faceman: Brad Pitt would look the part!

BA Baracus: Has to be himself, he dosent really look that much older.

  Dizzy Bob 11:03 09 Oct 2008

how about Michael Clarke Duncan as BA Baracus?

click here

Also played John Coffey in the Green Mile, Kingpin in Daredevil amongst others.


  medicine hat 12:59 09 Oct 2008

Hannibal: Bruce Willis
Faceman: Ben Affleck
Murdoch: Steve Buscemi
BA Baracus: Michael Clarke Duncan
Amy: Liv Tyler

and Director: Michael Bay

  donki 13:15 09 Oct 2008

Ohhhhh good call, wish i had of thought of that, I could see "The A Team" shot in a Bad Boys / Armagedden Styly!!

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