If I've learnt anything from owning a PC it's this

  Graphicool1 14:47 04 Nov 2009

Buy one that's been built, set-up and equipped by experts, with everything you think you'll need. Plus a few things that as yet you don't, but might sometime in the future, But whatever you do...Don't go on line, NEVER go on line!

If you're getting a PC with the intention of going on line. You have two choices...

1 - Approach the whole scenario with Naivety, nil preparation, totally trusting. After all, everyone wants to do their best for you, they all want you to succeed and see you do well.
My advice - make your peace with your loved ones. Your life on line will be short and painful. You will see things, hear things that will turn your stomach and mess with your mind! Prepare to meet your maker, whatever that may be!


2 - Prepare yourself the best you can, get advice, from the battle weary, the wounded, the veterans. Then arm yourself with all the latest security equipment, armour and weaponry, that your budget will allow. Train yourself both mentally and physically. You are a soldier, you are going to war. It will be brutal and bloody, trust no-one completely, take no prisoners and shoot to kill!
Remember, you are but one of many millions, who as yet or once were like you, green, un-bloodied, un-bowed. Holding the world in the palm of their hands, trembling a little inside, a little afraid, a little excited.
What will you be tomorrow, a hero or a raving lunatic? Tomorrow will tell.

  tullie 14:50 04 Nov 2009

Was it necessary to rant in here as well as the helproom.Suggest you get treatment.

  Pine Man 14:52 04 Nov 2009

I have bought my last two PCs on line and I have no intention of changing in the future.

Both arrived on time and were exactly what I ordered. They both worked straight out of the box and have been trouble free.

I used to build my own but on line sales are extremely competitive and come with a guarantee.

  Graphicool1 15:01 04 Nov 2009

I was ordered over here by - oldbeefer2!

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