If it sounds like a duck, walks like a duck, etc

  lofty29 14:42 14 Aug 2008

Hi, We had investments with a large uk insurance company which we cashed in a couple of years ago, about two months ago we received a letter stating that we were due some overlooked bonus, and would we confirm current addess. Normally quite wary, but it all seemed above board, ref numbers etc, so did as requested. time for payment of said bonus comes and goes, no cheque, rang up, "so sorry running a bit behind will be with you next few days", two weeks later, rang again,"so sorry,having to write out all the cheques by hand, a few more days". Rang today, after another two weeks,"so sorry,calculations all went wrong, having to do them all again, hope to have them to you END SEPTEMBER" Which year, if ever. Hope they do not ever again try to sell me any investments with their company.

  version8 14:51 14 Aug 2008

Suggest you take this up with the Financial Services Authority @ click here
That way they can find out whats going on for you.

  lofty29 14:58 14 Aug 2008

Is that the same FSA that made such a mess with northren rock????

  version8 15:28 14 Aug 2008

Could be!
But if your owed money & the company are mucking you about then they may be the place to go to get the company concerned to move a bit quicker!

  johndrew 16:24 14 Aug 2008

If the company `overlooked` monies you were due they were negligent and should at least pay interest. If fairly large sums are involved there could be a case for some compensation as well.

If, after promises of delivery of a cheque, they are still not doing the job properly either the Ombudsman (if they belong to the scheme) or the FSA should provide a swift boot. I would suggest that if they belong to an Ombudsman scheme you get in touch there first as they seem to be less affected by stagnation than the FSA.

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