If it dos'nt work, give it a thump

  Pamy 16:54 06 Sep 2007

I am sure many of you did this to the old TV years ago when the picture was poor or it did not come on. I have seen young (and older) people kick a vending machine when the product did not come out. So, in my last post in "help room" I said that I had spent most of the day trying to get it to boot up again after trying a number of your suggestions for my problem with IE7. Well, my computer failed to boot again today and in frustration what did I do, yes, I gave it a thump and up it booted and so far is running fine. So my morrell to this story is.. "show it who is boss"

  oresome 17:13 06 Sep 2007

Disturbance testing is a legitimate part of fault finding.

Now you just need to find out just what you actually disturbed and why it fixed the fault.

  Pamy 17:26 06 Sep 2007

Trying not to disturb it again, if it aint broke dont try to fix it

  Chegs ®™ 17:47 06 Sep 2007

I was just thinking about this recently...we had a brand new colour TV delivered(several years ago now)which was faulty,the repair man duly arrives and on being shown the fault thumped it so hard on the side it slid 3ft! It didnt fix the fault so he had to get the back off and start testing this and that,after an hour or more it was pronounced dead and a replacement ordered.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:53 06 Sep 2007

Spent a five year apprenticeship learning where to hit things and how hard, in order to affect a repair.

Have been refining the technique ever since.

  Pamy 18:02 06 Sep 2007

I think that is where the skill is, knowing where to hit it and how hard.(I just have to remember where I hit it and how hard

  Forum Editor 18:50 06 Sep 2007

may well be "show it who is boss", but to be honest I don't recommend giving computers a 'thump' as a general method of curing problems.

One of my daughters dropped a slim folder of papers on her company laptop last week, and the hard drive didn't like it at all - it's suffered a head crash, and is being replaced.

  Pamy 19:05 06 Sep 2007

moral, well you don't spell it like I do, but I understand what you are saying, but it did work for me this time. I will try to use a more scientific aproach next time and if that don't work.. I'll give it another thump.

  QuizMan 21:09 06 Sep 2007

As Tony Hancock said to the television repairman when asked if he's been hitting his TV: "Of course I've been hitting it; once for channel 1 and nine times for channel 9".

Naturally, you'd have needed to be around for 1950's TV's to understand that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:27 06 Sep 2007

OK so no thumping.

Just give it a "technical tap".

  Woolwell 21:39 06 Sep 2007

I knew a ship's engineer who stated that when something wasn't working he firstly give it a good staring at, then a good torching with his torch, then he hit it with a hammer and if it still didn't work he changed the part.

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