If Ebola ever mutated

  carver 17:12 02 Jul 2014

I keep seeing this Ebola and couldn't help but think if it ever mutated to become contagious by being airborne then we wouldn't have to worry about overpopulation on this planet any more.

At least Cameron wouldn't have to worry about antibiotics not working.

  carver 17:18 02 Jul 2014

sorry first link didn't work ebola

  bumpkin 18:11 02 Jul 2014

Fruit bats are considered to be the natural host of the virus

  Aitchbee 18:24 02 Jul 2014

Fruit bats are considered to be the natural host of the virus

Thankfully we don't have any of those creatures over here.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:11 02 Jul 2014

Somebody mention me?

  dizmek 21:06 02 Jul 2014

Oh good another Extinction Event! We now have a choice of several different Dooms.

  lotvic 07:17 03 Jul 2014

There'll prob be a film about it out soon.

  Forum Editor 08:07 03 Jul 2014

All viruses mutate, some of them very rapidly - look what happens with influenza.

Virus hosts don't just sit there allowing viruses to go on wreaking havoc in their population indefinitely, their immune systems evolve to defend them - so the viruses have to mutate to survive. Nobody can predict when a virus mutation will evolve to attack a new host,and as far as we're concerned we can't develop any defence against a mutation until it surfaces in the population....we just have to wait and see.

  lotvic 09:23 03 Jul 2014

Thank you for those comforting words FE.

  spuds 11:00 03 Jul 2014

"Fruit bats are considered to be the natural host of the virus".

Now that's very reassuring, because when I was in places like Borneo, seeing Fruit Bats leaving their roost in the evening made good 'television' viewing, because there was very little else to do!.

Now had you said Vampire bats (South America), then I might have been more concerned. Or even the bats in Batu cave just outside Kuala Lumpur?.

  bumpkin 15:28 03 Jul 2014

Somebody mention me?

Only if you are hosting the Ebola virus :-)

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