IE, Netscape, Firefox or Mozilla ?

  flu 17:38 16 Sep 2004

Which do you use ? I'm currently using IE but having read that many are switching to others due to security issues, should I change ?

  Valvegrid 17:48 16 Sep 2004

You forgot Opera! I've been using the paid for version for some time, I find it renders web sites better. Firefox has problems with certain sites, although its very good, the same for Mozilla. Can't use IE because Linux won't support it.

  welshwizard712 19:12 16 Sep 2004

I currently use firefox after being told its more secure!

Its a brilliant browser. But it takes up alot more processing memory than Internet explorer!

I wud really like to know the technical vunerabilities with the new service pack 2 Explorer as it seems quite good to me.

And trust me ! i dnt go round praising Microsoft every day

  paddyjack 19:54 16 Sep 2004

what about Avant

  zootmo 20:34 16 Sep 2004

If you are using I.E. as a browser or O.E for mail one thing is sure, most most of the viruses and trojans etc that are "out there" on the web will be written to mount their attacks through these apps.

My advice, for what it's worth is to change to a different browser and mail client. Stick with the new browser/mail client for at least two weeks it can be a big change!

After that time I'll bet you won't go back. I've tried Firefox, Opera, and others, but for me it's Mozilla.

The main thing is to try and find out what you like, give the app you choose a thorough workout,
I think you may be pleasantly surprised.

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:01 16 Sep 2004

Just because I like it!

  Peverelli 23:36 16 Sep 2004

I'm happy with Firefox. There is the odd moment when I find it is 'incompatible' with a site, so I have to use IE on the rare occasion.

  VoG II 23:48 16 Sep 2004

I also use Firefox. Not due to security issues at all (it is like Fort Knox here, but secure). As above, I just like it.

I have retained Internet Explorer for access to certain sites. Inded, it is almost impossible to delete IE if you have XP (I did say "almosy").

  Peverelli 14:57 17 Sep 2004

No, you said "almost" ;-)

  flu 15:08 17 Sep 2004

Another thought is that if alternative options become popular will they become new targets for the hackers/virus writers ?
Is there a free version of Opera and is it any good ? Will there be the occassional incompatible sites ?

  Valvegrid 19:40 17 Sep 2004

Yes, the free version of Opera is fully featured, the only difference between the paid for and free version is there is a advert at the top right hand corner in the free one, which can be a bit distracting, that's why I bought it.

I haven't found any sites its not compatible with yet, but I expect someone will prove me wrong. I use it with my Internet banking site, which are notoriously difficult with anything apart from IE, with no problem at all.

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