idiots on the road -yet more rants

  jack 14:19 16 Jul 2008

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Was having his go about 'slowsters' in his way and I am sure we all have a something to gripe about some ones else'ss lack of common sense and courtesy.
Roundabout with a built up centre, so
that a vehicle coming from the far side
is out of sight, becuase it is being driven past two exits and therefore is close to the centre.
Enter the roundabout when the entrance to the right is clear only to be confronted with the centre hugger.

Trffic lights with a right turn lane. That guy in the right turn lanedoes not want to turn right he wants to go straight on to be off in front of every one else,
Yet another option for a bent wing or worse.
There is more I guess, what are yours ?

  Belatucadrus 14:31 16 Jul 2008

How about the guy that starts blowing his horn behind you when you're stuck in traffic. Static vehicles to front, left and right, where precisely does he/she expect one to go ? Up perhaps.

  interzone55 15:06 16 Jul 2008

I'd say I see someone pulling this trick at least once a week.

On my way home I go along a nice sweeping road, it's quite fast but only single carriageway. half way along there is a blind bend, but at least once a week I see someone covering about a 1/4 mile on the wrong side of the road to pass the slow traffic, only to slam their breaks on when confronted by another vehicle on the blind bend.

The last 200 yards of this same road is two lanes, one for turning right - almost always empty, because very few people turn right, the other for straight on & left turn. Again, at least once a week some chancer drives up to the lights in the right hand lane, then as soon as the lights change shoots out and turns left across the traffic flow. I've seen a good few prangs with idiots pulling that trick.

  recap 15:50 16 Jul 2008

Just recently I was going round a roundabout in the outside lane - the one closest to the roundabout - to take the last exit. When I indicated to come off the roundabout, the car behind me did the same but instead of staying in the outside lane on entering the dual carriageway cut straight in to the inside lane and tried to overtake me. I reapplied my indicator to pull in to the inside lane only to have her blast her horn at me. And there was I thinking overtaking on the inside was against the law?!

One rant over.

  Cymro. 15:59 16 Jul 2008

By the time this thread come to an end I wonder if anyone will be willing to admit that they do something on the roads that aggravates other drivers. Very few people will ever admit to being bad drivers.

As for myself, well I am no angel on the roads but I hate those who have smaller cars than me and drive in to a parking place just as I was about to reverse in to it, mind you I have also done the same thing myself to others.

  interzone55 16:05 16 Jul 2008

I'll admit to sitting in the middle lane on motorways, but that's only if there is no-one behind me who is likely to want to pass me. I don't sit there and insist they use the outside lane to pass.

My reasoning being that whilst I'm driving consistently faster than anything in the slow lane why should I keep bobbing in and out of the middle lane, I'll just sit there until I'm required to move to let someone past.

  carmichy 16:07 16 Jul 2008

Cymro it is really good to see there are still honest, prepared to admit mistakes, on the road. I now stay in the Philippines and I find it very refreshing to drive here without "The Highway Code" The general rule seems to be If there is a space fill it no matter whether you are going that way at all. Just keep on driving and make it safe for others

  Cymro. 16:13 16 Jul 2008

I have read somewhere that the most dangerous move on a motorway is one where you have to change lanes so perhaps you are doing the right thing in sticking in the middle lane.

  jack 16:58 16 Jul 2008

'Tramlines' indeed some years ago on the A14/A! drivers of small cars were told not to drive in the near side lane because of it poor state.
Driving a small car in the nearside lane can be uncomfortable at least and dangerous because of the parallel ruts caused by the constant stream of HGV's

How about those that see a de restricted sign and immediately want to put pedal to metal.
On my way home from the gym there is a stretch pf minor road 30MPH then a mini roundabout and a couple of hundred yards of de restricted before the next mini- and back to 30- I maintain my thirty for that little bit-is that terrible ?
The number of times I have been overtaken -narrow single lane road- tail gated light flashed -simply because the guy behind wants to go. - Huh!

  natdoor 17:06 16 Jul 2008

I often use a major road near home which is dual carriageway for the section on which I have to make a right turn at crossroads controlled by traffic lights. After traffic from the right has been stopped, there is a right turn green for my route with all other lights at red. Twice in the last month (and one of them today) a vehicle waiting to proceed along the major road in the opposite direction to which I have been travelling has jumped the lights and passed just in front of me as I turned right. Sadly I was unable to get details from the number plates.

I suppose it is possible that the drivers have seen traffic being stopped on their left and assume that they have green without looking at the lights. More probably it is because know what they are doing, don't care and expect to get away with it.

  Chegs ®™ 18:16 16 Jul 2008

I think you all might like this little tale.

We had a sudden very heavy fall of snow.I had taken my partner to the hospital for the birth of my daughter,a journey of around 5 miles.It took me nearly an hour to get there as everyone was driving slowly due to the snow,and instead of staying with my partner I decided that I would be better returning home.I had only gone about a mile before I found the road completely blocked with stranded vehicles so "dumped" my car on top of a heap of snow at the roadside and walked to my fathers thinking of returning to the car much later when there was a possibility that the snow had been cleared.Much later after borrowing my Dads coat,I then returned to my car which was still buried in the drifts when I got there so decided to walk home.As I neared my village I'd noticed several haulage vehicles stopped along the way.Passing one(which had its sidelights on)I was surprised to hear a car horn from behind and even more surprised when I passed it on foot when its driver wound down the window and angrily demanded of me "whats the bloody hold-up?" I merely indicated the inches deep snow around which produced a "I dont know,slightest little bit of snow and the whole dam country comes to a standstill!" I was too tired and cold to linger further while I explained that the little bit was actually a hell of a lot of snow,that it wasnt countrywide just about a 25-40 mile area of cumbria,and that the truck he'd been sounding off the horn at was now devoid of a driver so wouldnt be moving in the near future.

It was 3 days before the roads reopened but during the 3 days I received call after call(I was a taxi driver)from people with stranded cars asking for a taxi to go and recover it,and indignation when I pointed out that if their car was stranded how I was supposed to get my taxi to them then take them to their car.The responses I got were threats to never use my firm again or simply slamming down the phone,amused me and made my 3 day isolation at home unable to attend the birth of my daughter slightly more bearable.

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