Idiotic rules over photography

  interzone55 14:23 10 Oct 2011

Man questioned by police for photographing his daughter

A man was approached by shopping centre security, and then questioned by police, for taking photographs of his daughter at an Ice Cream parlour in a shopping centre.

Apparently they have a No Photography policy to "protect the privacy of staff and shoppers", which is rubbish as the place will be crawling with CCTV, so the only place you'll get privacy is the toilets.

  interzone55 16:59 10 Oct 2011


Again you are ruining a thread with your multiple inane posts - please try to think twice (or even once) before posting.

  Aitchbee 17:06 10 Oct 2011

Pine Man - I did not miss your point.The boundaries of private and public places are a bit blurred when you leave the front door of your house.

Woolwell - I did say "Common sense must prevail here." in an earlier post.

  Aitchbee 17:16 10 Oct 2011

alan14 - let me assure you and all of the other respected members,I think very seriously before I type in my responses, and I have a right to give my opinions here, as I do have a camera and have been in many situations where you have got to think twice before you attempt to use a camera. The rules are there because some idiots don't know that!

  Aitchbee 17:36 10 Oct 2011

fourm member - have you never heard of the saying "It's nice to be nice". Good manners and courtesy to other folk will always be in my persona.

You sound like Big Brother when you say 'Please stop doing it'

  bremner 17:53 10 Oct 2011


Please read what i said.

Police forces do not arrest people, police officers do. If they have received inadequate or no training they make mistakes.

  Forum Editor 17:56 10 Oct 2011

Let's get a fact or two straight on this.

  1. cycose is right - you may take photographs of people in a public place without anyone's consent, and that includes the people you photograph. There is no need to seek permission.
  2. If you are seen taking photographs of a young child in such circumstances common sense should tell you that you are likely to end up being questioned about it - either by the child's parents, or by a police officer if one is present.

This whole subject is one which cries out for a common-sense attitude. Most people will be aware if a set of circumstances requires consent to be sought. Take a photograph of a football crowd and you have no need to worry. Photograph someone else's four-year old child playing at the water's edge in a bathing costume and you're inviting a problem. Take a close-up shot of a distraught mother at her son's funeral and you're guilty of a gross invasion of her privacy, even though she may technically be in a public place.

A shopping centre is not a public place in the legal sense - the owners may make whatever photography rules they like.

  Aitchbee 18:59 10 Oct 2011

fourm member - it works for me. I know when I am in a museum, or a shop or a pub or a bookies, or the doctor's surgery or at a friend's house or anywhere were people might be in the photo, I always ask. I realise that everybody has their own way of working.Common sense is paramount.I tend to take a lot photographs of inanimate objects, and plants and animals and I don't ask them for permission! 'Old Jonesy in Dad's Army , always said "Permission To Speak, Captain Manwairing!" :o)

  anskyber 19:05 10 Oct 2011

AitchBEE. The examples you gave eg doctors surgery are not public places. They are private places where the public may have access so you are right to ask in such circumstances.

But in the street, no, fourm member is right there.

  Aitchbee 19:19 10 Oct 2011

anskyber - the fuzziness of the boundaries of private and public locations is somewhat bewildering.Have they got an 'app' or a very smart camera to keep us 'snappers' legal.

  morddwyd 20:17 10 Oct 2011

Prior to the law being changed many shopping centres prohibited smoking.

They are surely entitled to make make similar rules about photography, walking barefoot, singing, whistling (Burlington Arcade) or whatever they like.

If you don't like it don't shop there.

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