Identify tracks, nature sleuths?

  natdoor 10:56 29 Oct 2008

We have foxes and badgers in our garden and have recently been having small areas of lawn grubbed up. I had assumed this was badger damage, although more delicate than I have seen elsewhere. Today, however, there are tracks in the snow which do not show paw marks. The prints are about three inches long and an inch wide and about 10 inches apart. They are almost in a straight line, with only a minimal offset. They are sharply defined at one end and slope at the other. Occasionaly there are double length spacings, as though a longer stride had been taken.

I deduce that they are made by an animal with a body length of 2 feet. Could they be made by a small deer such as a Muntjac? And would I be correct in assuming that the sloping end of the print would be at the toe end, indicating the direction of travel? And could it be these animals which have been disturbing the lawn?

I live near heathland and have seen a large deer in the garden before. I believe that Muntjacs are fairly widespread now but don't know if the are in our locality. To give you a clue as to where that is, a neighbout of mine was on holiday recently and got into conversation with an elderly gentleman. On discovering where my friend lives, the man said that if my friend were to take a short walk from his home to some high ground on the heath, he would see the four institutions which had marked his (the stranger's)life. Intrigued, my friend asked what they were. The answers:-

1. Wellington College
2. Royal Military Academy
3. Army Staff College
4. Broadmoor

  The Brigadier 10:59 29 Oct 2008

Sounds like a young dear or similar?

I know 2 & 3 well, some would say i should know 4!

  jolorna 11:18 29 Oct 2008


  natdoor 11:39 29 Oct 2008

Not quite. Other side of A30. But Owlsmoor is the nearest point to referenced viewpoint, although I have not checked that all four institutions can be seen from one location.

  jolorna 12:30 29 Oct 2008

will try bagshot click here

  Bingalau 12:33 29 Oct 2008

Can you not provide a photo of the tracks? Or maybe look up Muntjac on the Internet where they may even show such things as footprints/tracks.

  crosstrainer 13:35 29 Oct 2008

A muntjac track:

click here$FILE/1044759.012.jpg

  jolorna 14:10 29 Oct 2008

my click here didn't work sorry

  natdoor 15:25 29 Oct 2008


I got a google map from your click here which encompassed my home. Camberley rather than Bagshot, however.


I have never used a photo-hosting site. I suppose thaere is a first time for evrything but the snow has mostly melted now.The tracks did not have any distinctive features. They were just like rectangular depressions in the snow.


Thanks for the link. I found it a little difficult to make out the scale and I thought I could see two footprints. A trail rather than one print might have helped more with identification, I feel.

Thank you all.


  natdoor 15:27 29 Oct 2008

No, I'm sure the small dear in the neighbourhood wears high heels.

Sorry, couldn't resist.

  Condom 21:15 29 Oct 2008

Absolutely amazing but I swear I could see Santa Claus sleeping in the top right hand corner of crosstrainer's picture. So maybe it was Rudolph come to waken him up. Tell me if you can see him too.

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