Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 28

  Brumas 21:26 21 Sep 2007

This postcard, published by the Photochrom Co. Ltd. Of Royal Tunbridge Wells, was posted August 1943. It shows a peaceful village street, with no clear division between pavement and road, quite near Lymington according to the signpost.
Can anyone narrow it down further?

click here

  cycoze 21:44 21 Sep 2007

The sign on the left for JJ Allan looks to have Bournemouth underneath it, and under that it looks like Furniture.

  Brumas 21:47 21 Sep 2007

Any relatives of JJ Allen, living in or around the area,could solve this at a stroke!

  Mark5001 00:20 22 Sep 2007

This looks like Old Christchurch road leading down into Bournemouth square from The Lansdowne area. JJ Allen were house furnishers based at The Quadrant (Old Christchurch Road/St Peters Road). The only doubt I have is the signpost pointing to Lymington, a town some miles away from bournemouth.

  Bingalau 10:08 22 Sep 2007

Parked van seems to have the name "Bradstock" on it. Plenty of vehicles for a wartime scene, I don't remember that many in the village I lived in. I like the tandem and the old style pram. I have an idea this picture was probably taken pre war. Most of the cars would have been laid up during the war because of the lack of petrol etc.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:27 22 Sep 2007


click here JJ Allen Funeral service Bournmouth

Pre war Photo? Didn't they take down the road signs during the war?

  WhiteTruckMan 10:49 22 Sep 2007

Signs were indeed taken down in the war, but I'm not sure when they went back up! But dont go off the vehicles alone, as for quite a while post war the only vehicles around were either pre war cars tha had spent the duration in storage or new ones that were essentially pre war as no development work was done at all on cars.

Still, the quality of the picture does have a pre war feel to it. Hardly quantifiable, I know, but thats just an impression.

I've tried having a look round the area on google sattelite images as they do seem to have some pretty out of date images, but no luck so far :0)


  Bingalau 12:29 22 Sep 2007

WTM. Pity you can't see the mileage on the direction sign as that might have directed you nearer to the area on Google Earth. As far as I remember all road signs were taken down during the war and were not replaced until after the war ended. The pram looks to be early thirties. Maybe some of the vehicle experts can identify the make and models of the cars? The only car name that came to me was M.G. for the one in front of the pram...

  cycoze 14:07 22 Sep 2007

JJ Allen furnishers were bought out in the 60`s by the House of Frazier it seems, does not help with the image but may have some bearing on the Funeral service being or not being the same JJ Allen.

  Brumas 14:50 22 Sep 2007

I have tries scanning the signpost at a greater resolution and I can make it look like a 6 or 8 ?

  laurie53 16:52 22 Sep 2007

Surely pre-war by the length of the lady's dress?

Any dress that had that much excess material would have had the extra trimmed off to make something else. In addition, that Kodak banner would have been taken for salvage, and in any event would not have been permitted as it would support fire.

The poles themselves would also have been removed as presenting an additional hazard in an air raid.

Although the telegraph pole appears to be marked in white, the lamp post does not and in that particular position it certainly would have been.

Also note the lack of sticky paper (anti-splinter) on any windows.

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