Identification longshot/Talking Point Number 17

  Brumas 18:15 23 Jun 2007

A fine old building, possibly a school or a Quaker meeting house? The lozenge on the end of the building seems to contain a faded coat of arms and the tablet, set into the wall beneath, appears to have an inscription.

Anyone know where this is?
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I reproduce the message, covering the whole of the reverse, in full exactly as written! It must have been sent in an envelope as there was no address or postmark.

Dear Mother
Will you please make me some new drawers has I have split these and bring them on Sunday if you can if not Tuesday don’t forget are you going to Hull fair if so let me know for I want to go if you do
With love Clara
These aprons want shorting

I still laugh when I read it :o)

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:30 23 Jun 2007

Is it dated 1610?

  Brumas 18:42 23 Jun 2007

There is no sign of a date on the postcard either on the back or the front, it would make it a bit easier if there was a date. From the fashions, it looks to be Edwardian, but I could be wrong.

  John B 18:51 23 Jun 2007

Looks like 1679 on the gable end??

  Brumas 19:46 23 Jun 2007

Sharp eyes - I didn't even notice that, I thought it was merely different shadings in the brickwork!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:13 23 Jun 2007

Possibly a cross? on front corner of building at door height.

  Brumas 20:17 23 Jun 2007

or could it be one of those plates attached to a long rod,running through the building, which is keeping the front brickwork in check?

  Woolwell 20:22 23 Jun 2007

I don't think it is 1679 - could be 1670. There is definitely a 16 on one side but the other could be 1 or a 7 with a small 0. But the building doesn't look that old so this could be a red herring.

  Woolwell 20:24 23 Jun 2007

Inclined to agree with you Brumas as there are two other plates on the nearer end.

  laurie53 20:35 23 Jun 2007

Why do I feel Norfolk?


  Brumas 20:45 23 Jun 2007

The top left arched window on the gable end is divided into two by a mullion. The top curved right hand part has three panes - I scanned at maximum res. and there is, what appears to be, a spooky moon-shaped face. I do hope it is a picture or part of a screen or something otherwise Mother will have to make me some new drawers too!!

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