Identification Longshot/Talking Point 90

  Brumas 20:58 04 Jul 2008

Good Evening All.

Two views of the same place- now I'm spoiling you ;o))

click here click here

  Pamy 21:04 04 Jul 2008


  laurie53 21:04 04 Jul 2008

That looks so familiar, especially the church!

  Bingalau 21:11 04 Jul 2008

Could it possibly be a very old picture of Plymouth?

  Coffee Adict 21:22 04 Jul 2008

The first picture reminded me of the Lake District, but after looking at the second one, I'm not so sure.

  bluto1 21:44 04 Jul 2008

Good evening "Soldiers and Sailors too", it's a pleasure to be in your company.

My tuppence worth is a very low level effort at Torquay, or perhaps Torbay.

  Bingalau 21:48 04 Jul 2008

This looks very much like it to me... Of course I am normally wrong. But the background looks just like Drake's Island to me.

click here

  Brumas 21:57 04 Jul 2008

Not being one to beat about the bush - you are all wrong and miles out :o)

  Bingalau 22:00 04 Jul 2008

Is that a clue? Now then are we in South Africa or Australia? MMMmmm

  Coffee Adict 22:05 04 Jul 2008

Could that be the Loch Ness Monster in the foreground of the second picture.

  Bingalau 22:08 04 Jul 2008

Coffee Adict. No it's a buouy.

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