Identification Longshot/Talking Point 664

  Brumas 22:41 11 May 2012

Good Evening All.

Plenty of horses but no sign of a dog!

click here

  john bunyan 22:48 11 May 2012

Have we moved to Scotland? The crown on top of the structure in the road is puzzling. Then again Royal Bath. Have little clue, really

  Brumas 22:56 11 May 2012

It is in England, south of the wash.

  john bunyan 23:07 11 May 2012

Guess St Albans, but am off to bed and rest on thin laurels!

  Brumas 23:07 11 May 2012

A final clue before I turn in, it is not as far south as London. G'Night All.

  Al94 23:07 11 May 2012

Kings Lynn?

  birdface 00:02 12 May 2012
  Brumas 09:07 12 May 2012

buteman, Well Done.

  john bunyan 09:16 12 May 2012

Nice one buteman.

  birdface 09:32 12 May 2012

john bunyan

Had to wait till you went to bed to have a chance of getting one.

You were not far off with St Albans.

You are a hard act to follow.You must have a bit of a photographic memory to remember all the ones you get.

Did you do some think like this while in the Forces.Obviously you were good at map reading etc.

  john bunyan 10:05 12 May 2012

Map reading was very important; we had to get to know compass and map work, and charts etc, then we had to navigate with a compass , no map, and finally with no map or compass. In some parts of Sarawak in the '60's the maps had large areas marked "Unknown Territory", and we used air photos and the direction of streams to navigate. Of course the territory was in fact well known to the local tribes! (Ibans, Punans, Kenyah etc) However Brumas' little clues sometimes help, but loads of elimination and guess work is involved , as you well know! My luck has been good but I feel it is running out!!

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